Social Science Seminar

The Social Science Seminar meets every Monday (unless otherwise noted) for presentations by current scholars that begin at 10:00 a.m. and conclude by 11:45 a.m. This year, the seminars are hybrid in nature, accommodating scholars both remotely and in the Dilworth Room. Due to the pandemic, the seminar is limited to School Faculty, Members, Visitors, and invited guests only. If there are any questions regarding the Seminar, please contact Donne Petito at 609.734.8250 or


Seminar Schedule

2020 - 2021

September 21 Alondra Nelson

The Scientist-in-Chief: Executive Authority and Technocratic Charisma in the Obama Administration

September 28 David Owen

Justification and Vindication in Ethics and Politics

October 5 Emmanuel Henry

How Scientific Knowledge and Ignorance Build Non-issues. The Non-emergence of Environmental and Occupational Health Issues

October 12 Waqar Zaidi Cyrus Eaton and the Battle over Pugwash Internationalism, 1957-1962
October 19 Anne Norton

Intimate Inscriptions: Race, Sex, Labor and the Survival of the Feudal

October 26 Fabien Truong High Rises. When "Social Integration" Make Violent Divisions
November 2 Lawrie Balfour "Modern Life Begins with Slavery": Toni Morrison and the Imagination of Freedom
November 9 Nikolas Kosmatopolous Master Peace: Violence, Expertise and Subject Formation in Lebanon
November 16 Florence Jany-Catrice

A Political Economy of Macroeconomic Indicators. Increasingly Discreet Conflicts around the Measurement of Inflation

November 23 David Ost Workers, The Fascist Allure, and the Transformation of the Left
November 30 Magdalena Malecka Knowledge, Behaviour, and Policy. Questioning the Epistemic Presuppositions of Behavioural Public Policymaking
December 7 Robyn Spencer Mekonsippi: The politics and poetics of Black anti-Vietnam war activism
December 14 Jacob Foster Computation, Evolution, Construction: Three Tools for Re-Imagining the Social 
January 25 Charis Thompson  
February 1 Diana Graizbord  
February 8 Arnaud Orain  
February 16 (Tuesday) Sarah Barringer Gordon  
February 22 Thomas Fossen Political Legitimacy, Judgment, and Utopia 
March 1 Christo Sims  
March 8 Nusrat Chowdhury  
March 15 Joshua Barkan  
March 22 Joy Rohde  
March 29 Ryo Morimoto  
April 5 Sarah Vaughn  
April 12 Leslie Paik  
April 19 Aisha Ghani  
April 26 Banu Bargu  
May 3 Timothy Pachirat  
May 10 Sonja van Wichelen  

Seminar subjects may vary from the personal statements of Members included on this site. Please refer to the descriptions above for exact topic of talk.