Account Closure Policy

Once your affiliation with the School of Natural Sciences ends you will be given a grace period of three months before your account is closed down.

An account may not be kept any longer than three months except with faculty approval. Please be sure to obtain this approval before you leave the Institute.


One month before your account is closed down you will be contacted via email at your IAS email address reminding you to transfer files as these will not be kept once your account is closed. We will not provide hard copies of your files on media.


During the three month grace period you may wish to set up an automatic email response (away message). This can be done by logging into webmail at and then following these instructions:

Please note that the away message will not continue after your account is closed.

Email forwarding can be provided after your account is closed. This is done via an entry on our mail server and is not part of your account. Please contact SNS computing if you would like this set up.


We recommend that users with personal webpages utilize the 3 month grace period on their account to notify viewers of their website that it has moved. We do this on IAS pages by replacing the original page with one telling users of the new location and you may do the same.

We don't implement website redirects since they don't motivate users to update their bookmark entry for the page.


If you have an Institute supplied laptop with CrashPlan installed, please note that CrashPlan will no longer be available at the time your account is closed. We recommend that you continue backing up your laptop with Time Machine.

Licensed Software and Account Subscriptions

If you are using an IAS license for Mathematica, MATLAB, or Adobe Creative Cloud on your laptop, please note that these licenses will be deactivated at the time your account is closed. IAS Overleaf account subscriptions will also end at this time.