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Speakers at Amplitudes 2024 Conference

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Samuel Abreu - Two-loop integrals for the production of two heavy bosons and a jet at the LHC 
Zvi Bern - Amplitudes and gravitational waves (Review talk)
Alessandra Buonanno - Gravitational-Wave Astronomy: Post-Minkowskian Theory Meets the Effective-One-Body Approach
Lucile Cangemi - From Quantum to Classical Scattering of Kerr Black Holes
Mariana Carrillo González - Self-dual cosmology and the color-kinematics duality
Francois Charton - Machine learning the bootstrapped amplitudes of three gluon form factors (Review talk)
Christian Copetti - Categorical Symmetries and 1+1d Scattering Amplitudes
Kevin Costello - Bootstrapping amplitudes using chiral algebras (Review talk)
Stefano De Angelis - From Scattering Amplitudes to General Relativity: the Gravitational Waveform
Federica Devoto - Five parton scattering in the high energy limit
Carolina Figueiredo - Real World Amplitudes from Curves on Surfaces
Mathieu Giroux - Recursive Landau analysis
Tobias Hansen - AdS string amplitudes and their high energy limit
Yifei He - Gauge Theory Bootstrap: Pion amplitudes and low energy parameters
Johannes Henn - Positivity properties of scattering amplitudes
Aidan Herderschee - Summation-by-Parts, Master Functions and Difference Equations for Loop Witten Diagrams
Mina Himwich - w(1+infinity) Symmetry in 4D Gravitational Scattering
Mikhail Ivanov - Loops in the Sky: Recent Applications of Amplitude Methods in Galaxy Clustering and Gravitational Wave Physics 
Diksha Jain - The S-matrix and boundary correlators in flat space
Renata Kallosh - Enhanced Duality in 4D Supergravity
David Kosower - Finite Feynman Integrals
Hayden Lee - Kinematic Flow and the Emergence of Time
Juan Maldacena - Three point amplitudes from the Matrix model approach to eleven dimensional M-theory
Andrew McLeod - Minimal Cuts and Genealogical Constraints on Feynman Integrals
Ian Moult - Conformal Colliders meet the LHC (Review talk)
Shruti Paranjape - Hidden Zeros and the Double Copy
Franziska Porkert - The 5-mass kite integral family on two tori
Oliver Schlotterer - Recent developments in string amplitudes (Review talk)
Yael Shadmi - Amplitudes for SM EFTs
Stephen Sharpe - Multiparticle scattering amplitudes from lattice QCD (Review talk)
Chiara Signorile-Signorile - The dark side of precision calculations: subtractions
Marcus Spradlin - Bespoke Unitarity and Colored Yukawa Theory
George Sterman - Momentum-space locality in factorized amplitudes and cross sections
Iain Stewart - Soft Collinear Effective Theory & Collider Physics (Review talk)
Bernd Sturmfels - Minimal kinematics (Review talk)
Lorenzo Tancredi - Scattering Amplitudes and Feynman Integrals for collider physics (Review talk)
Natalia Toro - Massless interactions beyond the helicity lamppost: Making sense of continuous spin
Lauren Williams - The magic number conjecture for the m=2 amplituhedron and Parke-Taylor identities
Xiaofeng Xu - Symbol letters of Feynman integrals from Gram determinants
Zahra Zahraee  - Bootstrapping Planar N=4 SYM at Finite Coupling 

Panel Discussion at Amplitudes 2024 Conference Dinner

Nima Arkani-Hamed, Lance Dixon, Graham Farmelo, Rachel Rosen


Lecturers at Amplitudes 2024 Summer School

Michael Borinsky
Fabrizio Caola
Simon Caron-Huot
Henriette Elvang
Lucía Gomez Córdova
Donal O’Connell



Lectures will take place in Wolfensohn Hall on the IAS campus.