School of Historical Studies Staff

Danette Rivera
Administrative Officer
F-306 Ext. 8300
Gabriella Hoskin
Academic Assistant supporting Prof. von Staden and HS Pool
W-204 Ext. 8265
Alexis Dooley
Academic Assistant supporting members and HS Pool
W-213 Ext. 8351
Uta Nitschke-Joseph
Academic Assistant to Professors Sabine Schmidtke and Jonathan Haslam
F-206 Ext. 8019
Brett Savage
Academic Assistant supporting Prof. Di Cosmo and HS Pool
F-313 Ext. 8313

Academic Assistants in the School of Historical Studies provide support as indicated above, and at times they may also provide support to Members, Visitors or Faculty through the H.S. Staff Pool. Link to: All Institute Staff by Department (with Photos)