School of Historical Studies Staff

Janet Yoon

Janet Yoon
Administrative Officer
F-306 Ext. 8300

Gabriella Hoskin

Gabriella Hoskin
Academic Assistant supporting Prof. von Staden and HS Pool
W-204 Ext. 8265

Caroline Quinones

Caroline Quiñones
Academic Assistant supporting members and HS Pool
F-312 Ext. 8351

Uta Nitschke-Joseph

Uta Nitschke-Joseph
Academic Assistant supporting Professor Sabine Schmidtke and HS Pool
F-206 Ext. 8019

Brett Savage

Brett Savage
Academic Assistant supporting Prof. Di Cosmo and HS Pool
W-213 Ext. 8351

Request Form (requires VPN connection if off-campus or using your personal computer) or send an email to

The academic assistant staff of the School of Historical Studies is available to assist faculty and members with a variety of support services. Please note that requests should not require more than two hours of staff time per week from any one scholar. The staff handles requests promptly and based on the submitted request queue; as such, requests with an immediate due date may not be possible to accommodate. For large jobs, please allow sufficient time to carry out the work when requesting a due date.

Examples of the types of services the staff may be able to provide include:


Printing documents (from disk or from the web)

Scanning images (including slides)

Proofreading and editing text

Assisting with transportation arrangements

Typing manuscripts or other text

Copying from microfilm

Making transparencies

Scanning and formatting text documents*

Retrieving articles from the Institute library (Library staff will retrieve articles from Firestone library Tuesday/Thursday or Wednesday)

Basic translation of some foreign texts (French & Spanish)

*Note: Out of respect for copyright and the physical condition of the books, we restrict the number of pages to be copied or scanned from a book to not more than 100. We will not copy or scan books that we consider too fragile to be copied.

Please submit requests far enough in advance to allow on-time completion. We will inform you if we cannot finish the work in the time frame requested. We may not be able to accommodate last minute requests, but we will do our best to suggest possible alternatives.

We prefer that requests are submitted using the request form (requires VPN connection if off-campus or using your personal computer), but it is also possible to submit requests by email to the staff pool. Include in your request your office number and extension as well as a description of the type of assistance that you need.