Past East Asian Studies Events



October 3 
Andrew Chittick
,Eckerd College 
“The Jiankang Empire: Urban Economy and Foreign Trade” 

October 10 
Howard Chiang
, IAS, UC-Davis 
"Narratives of Transtopia in the Sinophone Pacific" 

October 17 
Tansen Sen
, NYU-Shanghai 
"Inventing the ‘Maritime Silk Road’” 

October 24 
Yan (Fiona) Liu
, Northwestern Polytechnical University (Xi’an, China)/Columbia University
 "Early China and the Mediterranean World: Interdisciplinary Study of Prestige Gold” 

November 7 
David Lurie
, Columbia University 
“National Epic and Anti-Epic in Japanese Literary History” 

November 14 
Peter Zarrow
, IAS, University of Connecticut
"State Architecture and National Myths: Museumification of the Forbidden City and Sanctification of the Meiji Shrine in the 1920s" 

November 28 
Kyoungjin Bae
, IAS, Kenyon College 
"Tribute as Infrastructure: Guangdong Woodwork at the Qing Palace Workshops" 

December 5 
Anna Sehnalova
, IAS, University of Oxford 
"Is There Science in Tibet?" 


January 23
Paul R. Goldin, IAS, University of Pennsylvania
“Stirrings of the Heart: The Worlds of Classical Chinese Aesthetics”

January 30
Andrea Nanetti, Nanyang Technological University Singapore & Dumbarton Oaks
"East Asian Studies in the Computational Era: Opportunities and Challenges"

February 13
Emily Baum, IAS, UC-Irvine
"Uncanny Beliefs: Superstition in Modern Chinese History”

February 27
Ethan Harkness, New York University
"Reading Cultural History from Early Chinese Technical Manuscripts”

March 13
Ari Levine, IAS, University of Georgia
“Visions of the Unseen: Models of Visuality and Standards of Evidence in Eleventh-Century China”

March 20
Patricia B. Ebrey
, Professor Emerita, University of Washington
"A Conversation on How Chinese Studies is Changing Today"

March 27
Emily Mokros, IAS, University of Kentucky
"Beijing at War, 1850-1860"

April 3
Manling Luo, IAS, Indiana University
"An Uncertain World in Retrospect: Reading the Paratexts in the Trivial Words from the North of Yunmeng (Beimeng suoyan)"

April 10
Minhua Ling, IAS, School of Social Science
"Materializing Return: Aspiration and Angst of the Chinese Dream in Rural China"



October 4
Yukiko Koga, IAS, Yale University
Post-imperial Reckoning: Law, Redress, Reconciliation

October 18
Diana Kim, IAS, Georgetown University
Caste discrimination ("untouchability") and transnational politics in 20th century Korea

November 8
Scott Pearce, IAS, Western Washington University
The Xianbei in their Historical Setting

November 15
Sayuri Guthrie Shimizu, IAS, Rice University 
Japan, the United States and the Enclosure of the North Pacific

November 22
Adele Carrai, NYU-Shanghai
The Human Frontier: Overseas Chinese and the Making of Modern China 

December 6
Bryan Lowe, Princeton University
How Buddhism Spread in Ancient Japan: Provincial Temple Construction and Social Networks, 650–850 CE

December 13
Cheng-hua Wang, Princeton University
The Afterlife of a Painting: Qingming Shanghe, 12th to 16th Century


January 24
Hao Chunwen, IAS, Capital Normal University
From Conflict to Mutual Compatibility: The Relationship between Traditional Sheyi (社邑) and Buddhism in Medieval China

January 31
Joshua Freeman, Princeton University
Sino-Soviet Friendship and the Uyghur National Project

February 14
Lucia Galli, IAS, École pratique des hautes études
Business Associationism and State Protectionism: The Case of the Kalimpong Tibetan Traders’ Association

February 28
Li Feng,IAS, Columbia University
The Technology of Government and Institutions: Comparative Perspectives on the Development of Royal and Imperial Administrations in Early China

March 7
Antonello Palumbo,Yale University
Sending the Alien Monks Back to the Marchlands: A Forgotten Nationalization of Buddhism in Tang China

April 4
Asaf Goldschmidt, IAS, Tel Aviv University
The Clinical Encounter and Medical Case Records in Chinese Medicine, 1100-1350

April 11
Miura Takashi,IAS, University of Arizona
Memorializing Protests in Early Modern Japan



October 5
Wu Shellen
, University of Tennessee, IAS, "Growing Empire in the Age of the Nation-State: From the American West to the Chinese Borderlands"

October 19
Gabor Kosa
, Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), IAS, "Indian ascetics in a Chinese Manichaean painting"

November 2
Petya Andreeva, Parsons School of Design, The New School, "Animal Style and Its Visual Tropes: New Perspectives on Iron-Age Portable Ornament from the Eurasian Steppes"

November 16
Lena Maria Scheen, NYU-Shanghai, "Preserve to Erase: Architectural Heritage in Shanghai, 1949-2015"

November 30
Judith Zeitlin
, University of Chicago, "Instrument of Flesh: The Operatic Voice in Late Ming and Early Qing Musical Culture"

December 7
Qin Shao, The College of New Jersey, "Transitional Justice in Post-Mao China and Its Aftereffects: A Case from Shanghai"

December 14
François Louis
, Bard Graduate Center, "The Liao Dynasty in Light of Recent Archaeological Finds"


January 25
Xiaoqiao Ling
, Arizona State University, IAS, "The Beginning of a Reading Tradition: Encyclopedic Learning in 1499 Hongzhi Xixiang ji"

February 8
Julia Orell
, University of British Columbia, IAS, "Cartographic Perspectives in Song Dynasty Painting"

February 22
Constantine Vaporis, University of Maryland-Baltimore County, IAS, "Samurai and the World of Painting, East and West--The Life Experiences of Odano Naotake (1750-80) and Kakizaki Hakyō (1764-1826)"

Constantine Vaporis, University of Maryland-Baltimore County, IAS, "Japanese Peripheries and Cultural Centers--The Samurai Kakizaki Hakyō (1764-1826) and his Ainu Chieftain Paintings"

March 15
Nathan Vedal
, Washington University in St. Louis, IAS, "Philology of the Strange: Evidential Learning and Commentary on Liaozhai zhiyi in the Nineteenth Century"

March 22
Anna Shields
, Princeton University, "Transmission and Transitions of Tang Literature"

March 29
Meng Zhang
, Loyola Marymount University, IAS, "Knowing Exotica: Edible Birds' Nests in Early Modern China"

April 5
Don Wyatt
, Middlebury College, "The Disquieting History of Foreign Enslavement in Medieval China"



October 7
Tamara Chin
, IAS, Brown University, "China's Afro-Asian Philology (ca. 1955-65)"

October 14
Robert Antony, IAS, Guangzhou University, “Rats, Cats, and Bandits in the Early Modern Canton Delta”

October 28
Nicola Di Cosmo
, IAS, “The Climate of the Manchu Conquest”

November 4
Fabio Lanza
, IAS, University of Arizona, “The Barbers of Beijing”

November 25
Tom Conlan
, Princeton University, “From the Ground Up: Refining Views of Japanese History (850-1550) Through Mining”

December 16
Joshua Howard,
IAS, University of Mississippi, "New China Daily: Social Change and the Class Project in Wartime Nationalist China"


January 20
Susan Naquin, Princeton University, “Is it finished? Problems in the history of Chinese buildings, with some thoughts on xiu 修”

February 3
Gideon Shelach-Lavi,
IAS, Hebrew University, "New insights on the transition to agriculture and sedentary way of life in North China”

February 17
Jan Bemmann,
IAS, University of Bonn, “Instability, crises and disintegration of the Turkic empires on the Mongolian plateau”

March 2
Julia Chuang, IAS, Boston College, "Beneath the China Boom: Labor, Citizenship, and the Making of a Rural Land Market"

March 16
Wang Ao,
IAS, Wesleyan University, "The Afterlife of Du Fu in Contemporary Chinese Poetry"

March 23,
Horacio Ortiz,
IAS, East China Normal U., "The digitalization of money in China: conceptual and methodological questions"

April 6
Judith Zeitlin, IAS, University of Chicago, “Instrument of Flesh’: The Operatic Voice in Late Ming and Early Qing Musical Culture”

April 13
Wang Cheng-hua, Princeton University, “Eighteenth-Century Chinese Perceptions of the West (Xiyang): Things European in China and Their Ramifications in Art”



October 15
Akinobu Kuroda, IAS, The University of Tokyo, “Another Monetary Economy: A History of Chinese Currencies”

October 29
Brian Steininger, IAS, Princeton University, “Reading, Rhyming, and Recursion: Considering the Function of Print in Fourteenth-Century Japan”

November 5
Stephen R. Bokenkamp, IAS, Arizona State University, “Buddhism and the Chinese Discovery of Religion”

November 12
Lydia Liu, IAS, Columbia University, “仁:The Question of the One and the Many in Historical Analysis”

December 3
Louise Young, IAS, University of Wisconsin-Madison, “Rethinking Japanese Imperialism, 1930s-1970s: lessons from imperial and post imperial Japan”

December 10
Yuming He
, IAS, University of California, Davis, “Illustrating Knowledge: Mundane Reading in Late-Ming China”


January 28
Karl Gerth
, IAS, University of California, San Diego, “Unending Capitalism: State consumerism and the Negation of the Chinese Socialist Revolution”

February 11
Eric Schluessel
, IAS, University of Montana, “Marketing and Social Structure in Qing Xinjiang”

February 25
Dagmar Schaefer
, IAS, Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, "Twisted and Reeled. Silk in the premodern world: a comparison between China and Italy"

March 4
Hilde De Weerdt
, IAS, Leiden University, “Considering Citizenship in Imperial Chinese History”

April 1
Ji Li
, IAS, Rutgers Law School, “Lawmaking in China: From the End of the Cultural Revolution to the Present”

April 8
Wendy Swartz,
Rutgers University, “Chinese Theories of Literary Creativity”



October 16
Inaba Minoru, IAS, Kyoto University, "Wukong’s itinerary to India”

October 30
Timothy Brook, IAS, University of British Columbia, “Narrating the Concept of the Great State.”

November 6
Ying Zhang, IAS, Ohio State University, “Making Confinement Confucian: Imprisoned Officials and Their Families”

November 13
Miriam Kingsberg Kadia, IAS, University of Colorado, Boulder, “Men of One Age: Japanese Fieldworkers in the Transwar World”

November 27
Eugenia Lean, IAS, Columbia University, “Upending Convention: ‘Lettered’ Experimentation and New Technologies in Turn-of-the-Century Hangzhou”

December 4
Yitzchak Jaffe, The Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, New York University, “Assembling communities of culinary and mortuary practice - Rethinking Zhou contact with their Western Neighbors (1046-771 BCE)”


January 22
William Hedberg, IAS, Arizona State University, "The Role of China in Japanese Literary Historiography of the Meiji Period (1868-1912)”

January 29
Kwangmin Kim, IAS, University of Colorado, “Asian borderlands and millenarianism, 1850-1900”

February 5
Ksenia Chizhova, Princeton University, “Feelings and the Logic of Space in the Lineage Novel of Late Chosŏn Korea (1392-1910)”

February 26
Marta Hanson, IAS, Johns Hopkins University, “Ritual Healing: The Body-as-Technology in mid-7th-century Tang China”

March 5
Zvi Ben-Dor Benite, New York University, “Mao Zedong between Caopi and Yuan Shikai: another look at 20th century Chinese History”

March 12
Weijing Lu, IAS, University of California, San Diego, “Marriage and Intimacy in Late Imperial China”

March 27
Don Wyatt, Middlebury College, “The Expanding Boundaries of Slavery in Tang China”

April 2
Constance Cook, IAS, Lehigh University, “Divination and the Body in Ancient China”



September 26
Raoul Birnbaum, IAS, University of California, Santa Cruz, "Why are you sitting in that tree? Two intertwined themes in Buddhist China, 17th-20th c.”

October 17
Deborah Kaple, Princeton University, “Building Communism: Soviet Advisors in China, 1949-59”

November 7
Andrew Chittick, IAS, Eckerd College, "Identities and Boundaries in Early Medieval China"

November 14
Elisabeth Kaske, IAS, Carnegie Mellon University, “Privilege vs. Market: Conceiving Government Bonds in Qing China and Meiji Japan”

December 5
Yu Xin
, IAS, Fudan University, "Taboos, Rituals, and Magic on Travel in Medieval China"

December 12
Nicola Di Cosmo, IAS, Princeton University, “Research Notes on Climate Change and Steppe Empires”


January 16
Chao-Hui Jenny Liu
, Princeton University, and Virginia Bower, University of the Arts, Philadelphia, “Making ‘The Forgotten Emperor’: Documentaries and Academic Research in a Digital Age”

January 23
Cho Hwisang, IAS, Xavier University, “Epistolary Revolution in Early Modern Korea.”

February 6
Federico Marcon, IAS, Princeton University, "How Did Money Think in Tokugawa Japan?"

February 27
Michael Davis, Princeton Theological Seminary, "Imaginary Histories: Ezra Pound’s China and Japan"

March 6
Christian Lentz, IAS, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, "Postcolonial territory in Asia's borderlands."

March 13
Lai Yu-chih, IAS, Academia Sinica, Taiwan, “Truth Contested: Imperial Politics, Image Discourse, and European Botanical Studies at the Qianlong Court”



October 5
Hodong Kim, IAS, Seoul National University, "The Court of Qubilai Qa'an: A Perso-Mongol Perspective."

October 19
Sheldon Garon, Princeton University, "On the Transnational Destruction of Cities: What Japan and the U.S. Learned from the Bombing of Britain and Germany in World War II."

October 26
Giray Fidan, Princeton University, "Atatürk through Chinese Eyes."

November 2
Paul Smith, IAS, Haverford College, "Thinking About Wars of Necessity and Wars of Choice: The Song Wars with the Tangut Xi Xia, ca. 1038-1085."

November 16
Rod Campbell, Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, New York University, "A Shang Village and What it Suggests about the Shang Economy."

December 7
Eugenio Menegon, IAS, Boston University, "Amicitia Palatina: The Europeans' Networking at the Qing Court in the Long 18th Century."

December 14
Wen-shing Chou, IAS, Hunter College, City University of New York, "Recreating the Mandala of Mañjuśrī: The Origin of Manchu Imperial Monasteries."


January 11
Wendi Adamek, IAS, University of Calgary, "Why Does the Nirvāṇa Sūtra Cause Controversies?"

January 25
Hsueh-man Shen, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, "Shipwrecks and Submerged Worlds: Excavation and Interpretation of New Discoveries from the South China Sea."

February 1
Janet Y. Chen, IAS, Princeton University, "Encounters with the National Language from Chongqing to Taiwan, 1937-1949."

February 8
Bryna Goodman, IAS, University of Oregon, "Finance, Sovereignty, and Freedom: Stock Exchanges in the Early Chinese Republic."

February 16
Tineke D'Haeseleer, Princeton Society of Fellows, "The View from the Boundary: Provinces and Court in Post-Rebellion Tang China.”

February 22
Mingwei Song, IAS, Wellesley College, "Posthuman Maos: The Invisible Real and the Hidden Dimensions of Chinese Science Fiction."

February 29
Zvi Ben-Dor Benite, New York University, "The Rabbis of Hanlin: Jesuits and the Question of Religion in China or another look at the Birth of World History."

March 7
Steven Chung, Princeton University, “Orphaned, Interned, Captured: The (In)visibilities of Film Archiving in Asia”

March 21
He Bian, Princeton University, "Poetics of Nature, Fetishes of Labor: On the Medicinal Use of Human Milk in Imperial China."

March 28
Thomas W. Hare, Princeton University, “Visions of No-sense: Zen Kōans and the Arts of 15th C. Japan.”



October 13
Guolong Lai, IAS, University of Florida, "What is the so-called 'Zhenmushou'?"

October 27
Teemu Ruskola, IAS, Emory University, "A Tale of Two Chinas: The Law and Politics of Economic Development."

November 17
Wendy Swartz, IAS, Rutgers University, "Reading and Writing Practices in Early Medieval China"

December 1
Xin Luo, IAS, Pekin University, "The Death of Yelu Abaoji, the Founder of the Liao Dynasty."

December 8
Poshek Fu, IAS, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, "Cold War City: Rethinking the Politics of Mandarin Cinema."

December 15
David Bello, IAS, Washington and Lee University, "Liquid Dependencies: Water & Authority in Qing Borderlands (18th-19th Centuries)."


January 26
Asaf Goldschmidt, IAS, Tel Aviv University, "Drugs for the Masses: The Imperial Pharmacy during the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279)."

February 9
Danian Hu, IAS, The City College (CUNY), "Encountering Joseph Needham: William Band in Chongqing"

February 23
George Kallander, IAS, Syracuse University, "The Politics of the Hunt in late Koryŏ and early Chosŏn Korea."

March 9
Jinhua Jia, IAS, University of Macau, "Religiosity and Literacy: The Journey of Daoist Priestesses in Tang China (618-907)."

March 30
Richard Van Ness Simmons, IAS, Rutgers University, "Colloquial Mandarin in Outlying Regions in the Míng and Qīng."



October 1
Li Zhang, Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, New York University, "When Peripheries Were Centers: New Perspectives on the 'Northern Zone' in Chinese Archaeology."

October 8
David Robinson, IAS, Colgate University, "The Tumu Incident (1449) in a Eurasian Context."

October 22
Nikolay Tsyrempilov, IAS, Russian Academy of Sciences, "Russia's Buddhist Agents: The Role of Buryat Lamas in Inner Asian Politics of the 19th and Early 20th c."

November 12
Paul Goldin, IAS, University of Pennsylvania, "The Consciousness of the Dead as a Philosophical Problem in Ancient China."

November 19
Michael Loewe, University of Cambridge, "Liu Xiang and Liu Xin: Two Critical Voices of the Western Han."

December 3
David Branner, IAS, Columbia University, "Formal Organization in Medieval Chinese Literature."

December 17
Nancy Steinhardt, University of Pennsylvania, "A Revisionist History of Yuan Architecture."


January 14
Ursula Brosseder, IAS, Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, "Xiongnu and Huns: Archaeological Perspective on Identity and Migration."

January 28
David Pankenier, IAS, Lehigh University, "Astral Origins of the Weaving Maid and Herdboy, or 'Wherefore the Star-Crossed Lovers?' "

February 4
Paize Keulemans, Princeton University, "Tales of an Open World: Chinese Gossip, Dutch Plays, Global News."

February 11
Laura Nenzi, IAS, University of Tennessee, "The Chaos and Cosmos of Kurosawa Tokiko."

February 15
Roundtable Discussion on "Sources for Tang-Song-Liao-Jin-Yuan History: New Materials and Current Trends."

February 18
Mark Elliott, Harvard University, "Discovering Empire in China."

February 25
Matthew Mosca, IAS, College of William and Mary, "The Manchu Zizhi tongjian gangmu and the Eurasian Transmission of Confucian Historiography."

March 4
Stephen West, IAS, Arizona State University, "Catastrophe, Predictability, and Culture in North China in the 13th Century."

March 11
Michele Matteini, IAS, Reed College, "Xuannan Mediasphere: A Neighborhood and its Representations in late Eighteenth-century Beijing."

March 18
Lei Hsiang-lin, IAS, Academia Sinica, Taiwan, "Why Hygiene (weisheng) is Not about Guarding Life: Tuberculosis and Wasting Disorders in Republican China."

March 25
Wilt Idema, Harvard University, "Going Abroad in Verse: Hakka and Minnanese Songs and Ballads about Overseas Migration (guofan ge 過番歌) from Late-Imperial and early Republican China."

March 31
Josh Fogel, York University, "Maiden Voyage: The Senzaimaru and the Creation of Modern Sino-Japanese Relations."

April 1
Jing Tsu, IAS, Yale University, "Crafting Mental Powers in Modern China."



September 25
Joanna Waley-Cohen, New York University, "China, Food, and the World of Goods in the Long Eighteenth Century."

October 9
Ursula Brosseder, University of Bonn, "Dynamics of Communication and Exchange along the 'Steppe Highway' in the Late Iron Age."

October 11
Yonglin Jiang, Bryn Mawr College, IAS, "Religion and Law in a Miao Borderland."

October 25
Hyun Ok Park, York University, IAS, "Market Utopia: From Korean Unification to Transnational Korea."

November 15
Christian Meyer, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, IAS, "Indigenous Ways of Re-appropriating 'zong-jiao' ('Religion') in Republican China."

November 29
Weirong Shen, Renmin University, IAS, "History through Textual Criticism: Tibetan Tantric Buddhism in Central Eurasia and China."

December 13
Jungwon Kim, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IAS, "Law and Legal Professionals in Chosŏn Korea: Evidences from Case Studies."

December 18
Bruce Rusk, University of British Columbia, IAS, "Zheng He's Thermos: Ming Artifacts, Ming Relics, and Some Problems of Provenance."


January 15
Charles Hartman, The University at Albany, IAS, "The Song Dynasty Shapes its Past: Politics and History in 12th Century China."

February 12
Chen-Pang Yeang, University of Toronto, IAS, "Dialects, Speech, and Information: Chao Yuen Ren's Route to Cybernetics."

February 19
Munkh-Erdene Lhamsuren, National University of Mongolia, IAS, "The Qing Transformation of Mongolia: Structural Tribalization and Ethnicization."

February 28
Ingrid Furniss, Lafayette College, IAS, "Righting the Ruan: A Reassessment of the History of the 'Chinese' Round-Bodied Lute."

March 5
Mark Driscoll, University of North Carolina, IAS, "Liberation Sinology and Decolonial Terror in Japan: 1862-1889."

March 12
Aihe Wang, The University of Hong Kong, IAS, "Art and Community during the Cultural Revolution."

April 9
Gregory M. Thomas, The University of Hong Kong, "Ornament as Dialogue: The Interpretation of Chinese Art in European Palace Displays."

April 11
Yanhong Wu, Zhejiang University, People's Republic of China, "Legal Knowledge and Law Enforcement in 16th and 17th Century China."




October 5 - Huaiyu Chen, Arizona State University, IAS, "Floating Away Tigers and Domesticating Pheasants: The Political Rhetoric of Local Governance in Medieval Chinese Epigraphy."

October 20 - David Pietz, Washington State University, IAS, "Researching Water on the North China Plain."

November 3 - Charles Sanft, University of Muenster, IAS, "Constructing the Populace in Early China."

December 15 - Matthias Richter, University of Colorado at Boulder, IAS, "Reincarnating the Disembodied Text: Textual Identity in Early China as Reflected in Newly Discovered Manuscripts."


January 12 - Vimalin Rujivacharakul, University of Delaware, IAS, "Reading Visually: The Yuanming Yuan Architectural Archives and Their Ambiguity."

February 16 - David Leheny, Princeton University, "Mourning as Agency: The Politics of National Emotion in the Ehime Maru Incident."

March 1 - Tamara Chin, University of Chicago, "Money and the Morality of Exchange in Han China."

March 8 - Federico Marcon, Princeton University, "Surprising Convergences: Natural History in Late-Tokugawa Japan"

March 22 - Ping Wang, Princeton University, IAS, "Locating Expressive Intent: What Does Geographical Writing Have To Do with Poetry?"

April 10 - Kenneth Pomeranz, University of California-Irvine, IAS, "Bare Sticks and Borderlands: Migrants and Migration Policy on the Qing's Southern Frontiers."




October 5 - Norman Kutcher, Syracuse University, IAS, "The Grave of Li Lianying."

November 9 - John Herman, Virginia Commonwealth University, IAS, "Ortai and the Qing State's Land Reclamation Program in Southwest China: 1725-1735."

December 7 - Micah Muscolino, Georgetown University, IAS, "Military Metabolism: The Ecology of War and China's Henan Famine of 1942-43."

December 14 - Cancelled - Everett Yuehong Zhang, Princeton University, "From the Media to the Clinic: The Production of Desire in Urban Beijing."


January 18 - Kirill Solonin, Fo Guang University, IAS, "Facets of Tangut Buddhism"

January 25 - Everett Y. Zhang, Princeton University, "From the Media to the Clinic: The Production of Desire in Urban Beijing"

February 8 - Juhn Ahn, University of Toronto, IAS, "Temples for Dragons and Other Wild Things: Buddhism and Urbanization in Premodern Korea"

February 22 - Amanda Goodman, University of Toronto, "Towards a Reconstruction of Tantric Buddhism in Tenth-Century Dunhuang"

March 15 - Yang Xiao, Kenyon College, IAS, School of Social Science, "Moral Politics in the Mencius"

March 22 - Nicola Di Cosmo, IAS, School of Historical Studies, "Revisiting the Manchu Conquest: A Work in Progress"

April 12 - Anna Sun, Kenyon College, IAS, School of Social Science, "The Religious Ecology of Confucius Temples in Contemporary China: An Empirical Investigation"




September 30 - Klaas Ruitenbeek, Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, IAS, "Material Traces of a General in the Ming-Qing war: Zu Dashou (ca. 1565-1656)."

November 3 - Marie Favereau-Doumenjou, Institut Français d'Archéologie Orientale, IAS, "The Meaning of 'Tatar' from Asia to Europe (8th-15th c.)."

November 10 - Yingcong Dai, William Patterson University of New Jersey, IAS, "The Jiaqing Emperor's Failed Battle with Lebao, Commander-in-Chief in the White Lotus War."

December 8 - Jonathan C. Gold, Princeton University, "Summarizing Vasubandhu: Must a Buddhist Philosopher Have a Philosophy?"

December 15 - Lauren Minsky, New York University Abu Dhabi, IAS, "The Hospital as Healing Shrine: Rethinking Colonial India's 'Medical Masala'."


January 19 - Judith Pfeiffer, University of Oxford, IAS, "Rashid al-Din's Universalism at the Crossroads of Political Thought, Theology, and Historiography."

January 26 - Sarah Fraser, Northwestern University, IAS, "The Cultural Frontier in Western China during the 1940s."

February 16 - Franciscus Verellen, École Française d'Extrême-Orient, IAS, "The tenth-century kingdom of Shu 蜀: Cultural innovation and the politics of secession."

February 23 - Daniel Botsman, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, IAS, "Treaty Ports, Outcasts and the Meaning of 'Liberation': Revisiting Meiji Japan's Emancipatory Moment."

March 9 - Q. Edward Wang, Rowan University, IAS, "Chopsticks: 'Bridges' of Culture in East Asia."

March 16 - Fa-ti Fan, State University of New York at Binghamton, IAS, "New Wine in Old Bottles: Nationalism, Internationalism and the Preservation of Antiquities in Republican China."

March 23 - Don Wyatt, Middlebury College, IAS, "Chinese Self, Alien Other, and the Emergence of a Racialized Worldview."

March 30 - Jinah Kim, Vanderbilt University, IAS, "Sādhus, ācāryas and their sons: Lay Buddhist practitioners and the production of Medieval Indian Buddhist books"

April 6 - Yung-ti Li, Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica, "The Making of Bronzes, Marble Carvings, and Bone Objects: Craft Production and Political Economy in the Shang Dynasty Capital at Anyang."




September 30 - Paul Kroll, University of Colorado, "Two Court Scenes, with Poems, from the Early Reign of Tang Xuanzong."

October 7 - Edward McCord, The George Washington University, "Local Bullies and Armed Force Entrepreneurs: Militia Leadership in Republican China."

October 28 - Miaw-fen Lu, Academia Sinica, Taiwan, "The Rediscovery of Zhang Zai (1020-1077) in the Ming-Qing Transition."

November 4 - Erling von Mende, Technische Universität, Berlin, "Lantern Bearers - Yila/Yelü Lü and some other Qidan under Jurchen Rule."

November 14 - School of Historical Studies Lecture - Professor Pierre-Étienne Will, Collège de France, "Sense of the State and Critique of Political Power in Late Imperial China."

November 18 - Wang Ping, Princeton University, "Reluctant Revelation through Disinterested Disclosure: Reading Xiao Tong's (501-531) Preface to Tao Yuanming ji."

November 25 - Wiebke Denecke, Barnard College, "Starting Late: Narratives of Simplicity, Artifice, and Decline in Early Japanese and Roman Literary Cultures."

December 10 - Morris Rossabi, Queens College and Columbia University, "Do the Mongols Matter in Global History?"

December 16 - Melissa Macauley, Northwestern University, "Mendacity in the Archives: Migrants and the War on Drugs in China, 1819-1860."



Special Events

February 20 - Eurasian Archaeology Conference: "New Developments in Eurasian Archaeology from Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and Transbaikalia."


October 9 - David Pankenier, Lehigh University, "The Xiangfen, Taosi site: A Chinese Neolithic 'Observatory'?"

October 30 - Q. Edward Wang, Rowan University, "The Theory and Practice of Evidential Research: Qian Daxin (1728-1804) and the Ars Critica in Qing China."

November 13 - Janet Y. Chen, Princeton University, "Guilty of Indigence: The Urban Poor in China, 1900-1951."

December 7 - Dr. Vimalin Rujivacharakul, University of Delaware, "Toyo and Dongyang: Japanese and Chinese Search for 'Chinese Architecture' in the Writing of World Architectural History (1880s-1940s)."

December 11 - Prof. Jonathan Skaff, Shippensburg University, Institute for Advanced Study, "Power through Patronage: Interethnic Political Networking in Tang China."


January 22 - Margherita Zanasi, Louisiana State University, Institute for Advanced Study, "In search of political modernity: Sun Yat-sen and Western Social Sciences."

February 13 - Dr. Chao-Hui Jenny Liu, New York University, "Art and Ritual: Princess Tombs and the Funerary Procession in Tang China, 643-706 A.D."

March 4 - Bryan Cuevas, Florida State University, Institute for Advanced Study, "Sources for a History of Tibetan War Magic in the 16th and 17th Centuries."

April 1 - David Howell, Princeton University, Institute for Advanced Study, "Homeland Security: Preparing for Foreign Invasion in Late Tokugawa Japan."


Special Events - March 30-31 - Workshop: "The Sense of the Past among Inner Asian Peoples."


October 9 - Caroline Humphrey, Cambridge University, "Reactionary modernists: schisms and Asian modernities in Urad West Duke Banner, Inner Mongolia."

October 10 - Christopher Atwood, Indiana University, Institute for Advanced Study, "Nomad Tribes vs. Sedentary States: Breaking Down the Dichotomy."

October 24 - Kathryn Lowry, Independent Scholar, Institute for Advanced Study, "Radical friendships in letters by Wu Congxian."

October 31 - Stephen Teiser, Princeton University and Wei Yang, Independent Scholar, "The Tibet Site Seminar: Prospects for Buddhist Studies, Art History, and Tibet."

November 7 - Parks Coble, University of Nebraska, Institute for Advanced Study, "Remembering and Re-remembering China's War against Japan, 1937-1945: The Legacy of Wartime Reporting."

December 6, Zvi Ben-Dor Benite, New York University, " 'The Marrano Emperor': The Mysterious, Intimate Bond between Zhu Yuanzhang and his Muslims."

December 19 - East Asian Studies and Art History Joint Seminar - Kathryn Lowry, Independent Scholar, Institute for Advanced Study, "Picturing Where You Are in Illustrated Letter Collections of Seventeenth-Century China."


January 23 - Sin-ming Shaw, Independent Scholar, "Political Stability in Hong Kong after 1997: Hopes and realities of the Tung Chee-hwa administration."

February 6 - Lucille Chia, University of California-Riverside, Institute for Advanced Study, "The Butcher, the Baker and the Carpenter: Chinese sojourners in the Spanish Philippines and their impact on southern Fujian (sixteenth-eighteenth centuries)."

February 20 - Eugene Cooper, University of Southern California, Institute for Advanced Study, "Chinese Minstrels: The Chang Daoqing Performers of Jinhua."

February 26 - Kevin Ku-ming Chang, Academia Sinica, "Chinese Influence on Western Examination System: A Historiographical Thesis Under Examination."

February 27 - Tatsuo Nakami, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Institute for Advanced Study, "The Mongols' Search for 'Independence' in 1911."

March 13 - East Asian Studies and Art History Joint Seminar - Nancy Steinhardt, University of Pennsylvania, Institute for Advanced Study, "Yuan Dynasty Tombs and their Inscriptions."

March 27 - East Asian Studies and History of Science Joint Seminar - Alexei Volkov, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan, Institute for Advanced Study, "History of Science in Traditional Vietnam: the State of the Field."

March 28 - Étienne de la Vaissière, École Pratique des Hautes Études, Paris, "The An Lushan Rebellion and Central Asia."

April 19 - Evelyn Rawski, University of Pittsburgh, Institute for Advanced Study, "Towards a Regional History of North-East Asia."



October 4 - Zvi Ben-Dor, New York University, "Chinese Muslims in Manchukuo: Japanese Imperialism and Global Islam"

October 18 - Hyun Ok Park, New York University, Institute for Advanced Study, "Between Human and Labor Rights: Democracy, History, and Neoliberalism in the Politics of Migrant Workers in South Korea"

November 1 - Joseph McDermott, Cambridge University, Institute for Advanced Study, "The Informal Government of Suzhou in the Ming"

November 15 - Peter Golden, Rutgers University-Newark, Institute for Advanced Study, "Sacral Kingship in Asia: the Khazar Case"

December 13 - Valery Nikonorov, Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute for Advanced Study, "On the Role of the Stirrup in the Development of Ancient Warfare"


January 17 - Lu Yang, Princeton University, "Why did the Tang Fall: A Re-assessment of the Ninth Century"

January 31 - Nicola Di Cosmo, Institute for Advanced Study, "Trade Networks on the Black Sea, the Mongol Empire, and World History"

February 7 - Roxani Margariti, Emory University, Institute for Advanced Study, "Conflict and Competition in the World of the Indian Ocean"

February 14 - Ranabir Chakravarti, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Institute for Advanced Study, "Merchants, Merchandise and Merchantmen: The Western Sea-board of India and the Indian Ocean (800-1500)"

February 28 - Yuri Pines, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Institute for Advanced Study, "The price of omnipotence: Xunzi and Han Feizi on dilemmas of rulership"

March 7 - Erica Brindley, Penn State University, "In Search of the Ancient Viet: Yue and Hua-Xia Ethnicity in Early South China"

March 14 - David Anthony, Hartwick College, Institute of Advanced Study and Dorcas Brown, Hartwick College, "The Opening of the Eurasian Steppe at 2000 BCE: the Beginning of an Eurasian Ecumene"

April 12 - Tumen Dashzeveg, National University of Mongolia, "Introduction to the Anthropology and Archaeology of the Ancient Peoples of Mongolia"



October 12 - Thomas Keirstead, Indiana University, "What's 'Medieval' about Medieval Japan?"

October 26 - Gideon Shelach, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, "The Qin State - Archaeological and Historical Perspectives on State Formation and Social Change"

November 9 - Thomas Jansen, Universität Leipzig, "Popular religious scriptures of late Imperial China: Religious, Social and Literary Aspects"

November 23 - N. Magnus Fiskesjö, Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities, Stockholm, "The position of the 'barbarians' in the idea of the imperial Chinese state"

November 30 - Kazim Abdullaev, Institute of Archaeology, Samarkand, "Archaeological Remains of the Nomadic Migrations from China to Central Asia"

December 7 - Soren Edgren, Princeton University, "The Chinese Rare Book Project at Princeton University"


February 22 - Wejen Chang, Academia Sinica, Taiwan, "Administration of Justice in Late Imperial China"

March 2 - EAS and Art History Lunch - N. Magnus Fiskesjö, Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities, Stockholm, "Collecting and displaying Asia: The modern history of Sweden's Museum of Far East Antiquities, 1926 - 2004"

March 8 - Paul R. Goldin, University of Pennsylvania, "The Primacy of the Situation in Classical Chinese Philosophy and Rhetoric."

March 23 - Nancy Bernkopf Tucker, Georgetown University, "Strait Talk"

April 26 - Dr. Diimaajav Erdenebaatar, Institute of History of Mongolia, "Archaeological Monuments in the Mongolian Altai" and Francis Allard, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, "The Khanuy Valley Project on Early Nomadic Pastoralism in Mongolia"




October 17 - Lecture - Michael Loewe, University of Cambridge, "The Statutes and Ordinances of the Qin and Han Empires"

December 5 - Film - Illustrious Energy (New Zealand, 1987, 90 minutes)


January 30Lecture - Jerome A. Cohen, New York University, "Criminal Justice in China: Its Impact on US-China Relations, Past and Present"

February 19 - Yingcong Dai, William Paterson University, "Qing Military Institutions at the End of the Eighteenth Century"

March 16 - Adam McKeown, Columbia University, "International Identities and the Globalization of Borders, 1880-1920"

March 30 - Don Wyatt, Middlebury College, "Unsung Men of War: Acculturated Embodiments of the Martial Ethos in the Song Dynasty"