The Sense of the Past Among Inner Asian Peoples


March 30

8:30 — 9:00 Opening Remarks (Peter Goddard, IAS Director, and Nicola Di Cosmo)

9:00 — 12:30 Session I

Peter Golden (Rutgers University) — "Notions of History among the Early Turkic Peoples."

Michael Drompp (Rhodes College) — "Bäŋgü Taš: "Eternal Stones" and the Beginnings of Turkic Historiography."

Eiji Mano (Ryukoku University and Kyoto University) — "Appearance and significance of the word 'History' in Turkic languages."

Hodong Kim (Seoul National University) — "Historians and Their Perceptions of History in Late Pre-Modern Eastern Turkestan."

2:00 — 5:30 Session II

Meruert Kh. Abusseitova (Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan) — "Oral Tradition as a Measure of Preserving Social Identity among the Turkic Nomads of Central Asia."

Christopher Atwood (Indiana University, IAS) — "Founding a Real Dynasty: Qubilaid Views of the Early Mongol Conquest."

Johan Elverskog (Southern Methodist University) — "Buddhism and Mongol Historiography."

Tatsuo Nakami (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, IAS) — "How to describe Mongol history: Mongol, Qing and Japanese scholars' historiographies on the Mongols in the19th-early 20th centuries."

March 31

9:00 — 12:30 Session III

Mark Elliott (Harvard University) — "The Ming in Manchu Memory."

Evelyn Rawski (Univ. of Pittsburgh, IAS) — "Chosŏn Records and Manchu Historical Traditions."

Nicola Di Cosmo (IAS) — "Historical Analogy and Historical Allusions in the Early Manchu State."

Naoto Kato (Nihon University) — "How did the Record of the Eight Banners Become the Official History?"

2:00 — 5:00 Session IV: General Discussion

Conference supported by the Gerda Henkel Foundation

Updated May 4, 2007