Institute billing and Payments

Members receiving direct IAS stipend payments

All Members who are expecting to be paid a stipend directly by the Institute need to arrange a meeting with a staff member in the Comptroller's Office as soon as possible after arriving at the Institute. Appointments can be made using the Appointment-Plus scheduler at:  For questions, contact Tina Gaspari, Assistant to the Comptroller, at extension 8209.  The first stipend payment is normally issued at the end of the first month in residence. Any charges such as rent (for the period prior to the payment, and for the month following) as well as any accumulated dining hall or laundry chares will be deducted from the stipend before it is paid. Questions about stipends and payments can be addressed to Tina Gaspari by email at

If the stipend payment is not being paid to you directly, but is being routed through your home institution, see the following section.

Institute Billing - Members and Visitors

Nonstipendiary Members, Visitors, and Members whose stipends are paid through the home institution will receive bills from the Institute for any charges against their Institute account. Details about the billing process, and payment options are outlined on the website of the Comptroller's Office. Any questions about bill payment can be sent by email to