IAS High Energy Theory Seminar

Numerical Test of Gauge/Gravity Duality in D0-brane Matrix Model

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This seminar will be presented in-person and on Zoom.

Abstract: Monte Carlo simulation is a powerful tool to study the Euclidean path integral. In the context of gauge/gravity duality, it enables us to access the strong-coupling regime of the QFT side. In this talk, we provide the latest results of the simulation of the D0-brane matrix model. This model is (believed to be) dual to type IIA superstring theory or M-theory depending on the energy scale. At the energy scale dual to type IIA superstring theory, we observe very good agreement with dual gravity predictions. At lower energy scale, we observe a hitherto unknown confined phase. We conjecture that the confined phase is dual to M-theory and there is the maximum of free energy dual to eleven-dimensional Schwarzschild black hole.

This talk is based on 2110.01312 [hep-th], 2210.04881 [hep-th] and several older papers. 

Date & Time

October 31, 2022 | 2:30pm – 3:30pm


Bloomberg Lecture Hall (IAS) & Zoom


Masanori Hanada

Speaker Affiliation

University of Surrey