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Physics Calendar

The Physics calendar contains High Energy Theory events hosted by the Institute for Advanced Study and Princeton University. A condensed version of the calendar is sent to the general Physics mailing list on Friday afternoons. Reminder emails are sent the morning of the event. If you are a local faculty member, postdoc or graduate student and would like to be added to the general Physics mailing list, please contact Lisa Fleischer,


IAS Physics Group Meeting

Exploring the Infrared Structure of Massless Gauge Theories
Lorenzo Magnea
2:30pm|Wolfensohn Hall

Abstract: I will briefly review the factorisation of soft and collinear singularities in massless gauge theory amplitudes, and the structure of the soft anomalous dimension matrix. I will then discuss the implications of this factorisation for the...


Princeton University Donald R. Hamilton Colloquium Series

Neural signal propagation atlas of C. elegans
Andy Leifer
4:00pm|Jadwin Hall A-10

Abstract: Both physics and neuroscience seek to understand how the edges and nodes of a network dictate its function. But until recently, it was not possible to quantitatively explore the relation between the structure and function of a biological...


IAS High Energy Theory Seminar

The Dark-Matter Problem of the Moduli Space of Curves and its (partial) Tropical Solution
Michael Borinsky
11:00am|Wolfensohn Hall & Zoom

Abstract: The moduli space of curves, M_g, is an object of pivotal interest in mathematics and theoretical physics. Even though it has been studied with tremendous effort, little is known about its topology. For instance, the total dimension of the...


IAS CMT/QFT Group Meeting

Stabilizer Testing and Magic Entropy: A Quantum Convolutional Approach
Kaifeng Bu
11:00am|Bloomberg Lecture Hall (IAS)

Abstract: In this talk, I will introduce a new framework of quantum convolution to study stabilizer states and magic states in discrete-variable systems. Within this convolutional framework, we find that the stabilizer states play a similar role to...


High Energy Theory Seminar

Finite Entanglement Entropy in String Compactifications
Atish Dabholkar
2:30pm|Bloomberg Lecture Hall (IAS)

Abstract: I discuss physical motivations from black hole physics and holography for expecting finite quantum entanglement entropy in quantum gravity. I describe recent and earlier results in defining such a notion in perturbative string theory by a...