Creating a Homepage

Initial Steps

  1. In your login directory create a sub-directory named public_html. In this directory, create a home page file named index.html.

    This example home page can be used as a starting point. Use the "Save as" option under your browser's "File" menu to save a copy. Save the file in "Source" format. Be sure the file is saved as or renamed index.html. Edit the file and replace the string YOURNAME with your personal information.

  2. The result of these two steps will be that your home page can be addressed by the world as:

  3. Be sure that the public_html directory and the index.html file are world-readable. Use the command chmod a+r on the public_html directory and the index.html file to make them world readable. Also, make sure that the public_html directory is world-executable. Use the command chmod a+x on the public_html directory.

Editing Your Home Page

There are many online HTML tutorials and primers. Here are just a couple suggestions:
HTML for Beginners
Getting Started with HTML

You can also learn quickly by looking at the source code for other html documents. You can do this in a web browser by choosing the ``Page Source'' option under the ``View'' menu while viewing any document.

Here are a few more suggestions:

  1. Under your public_html sub-directory, create further sub-directories for papers, images, etc. You can then put copies of papers or images in these directories.
  2. Remember that some readers will have very slow connections, so try to minimize the number and size of included images. Consider only using links to images, so that readers can choose whether to spend the time waiting for something to load. When you do use links, include a remark as to the size and file format of the image.
  3. Make certain that your papers and images are world readable. See above.
  4. When editing an html file you should save a copy of the previous file under a separate name before beginning. You can view changes to your file by reloading your browser.

Linking Your Home Page

If you would like to link your home page to the School of Natural Sciences members page please contact the school administrative staff.