2014-2015 Members, Visitors and Research Assistant

= first term only = second term only

Holger Afflerbach
University of Leeds
Modern History

Hassan Farhang Ansari
Institute for Advanced Study
Intellectual and Legal Studies

Marco Barducci
(Gerda Henkel Member)
Intellectual History

Robert Bartlett
University of St Andrews
Medieval History

Adam Beaver
Princeton University
Spain and the Renaissance Mediterranean

David Bello
Washington and Lee University
Late Imperial Chinese History/ Environmental History

Sarah Betzer
University of Virginia
Eighteenth and Nineteenth-Century Art

John Bodel
Brown University
Ancient History

Ari Bryen
West Virginia University
Ancient History

Suzannah Clark
Harvard University
History of Music Theory

Michael Cole
Columbia University
Renaissance and Baroque Art

David Crouch
University of Hull
Medieval History (Aristocracy)

Olindo De Napoli
University of Naples Federico II
Colonialism, International Law

Vincent Debiais
Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
History and Theory of Medieval Art

Poshek Fu
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Modern Chinese Studies, Film History

Ottó Gecser
Eötvös Loránd University
Medieval Religious History,
History of Medicine

Linda Goddard
University of St Andrews
19th and 20th Century Art

Asaf Goldschmidt
Tel Aviv University
History of Medicine in China

Karen Green
The University of Melbourne
Intellectual History

Stephen Harrison
University of Oxford
Classics, Latin Literature

Danian Hu
The City College (CUNY)
Modern Physics and 20th Century China

Jinhua Jia
University of Macau
History of Chinese Religions, Literary Studies

George Kallander
Syracuse University
Premodern Korean History

Marion Katz
New York University
Islamic Law and Gender

Geoffrey Khan
University of Cambridge
Arabic Papyrology, Semitic Philology

Guolong Lai
University of Florida
East Asian Art and Archaeology

Jon Lendon
University of Virginia
Ancient History

Vaios Liapis
Open University of Cyprus

Xin Luo
Peking University
Medieval Chinese History

John Marincola
Florida State University

Sara McDougall
John Jay College of Criminal Justice (CUNY)
Medieval Legal and Cultural History

Alexander Potts
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
19th and 20th Century Art and Theory

Jonathan Price
Tel Aviv University
Ancient History, Epigraphy

Nicole Reinhardt
University of Durham
Early Modern Political and Religious Culture

Teemu Ruskola
Emory University
Chinese Legal History

Patrick Sänger
University of Vienna
Ancient History, Papyrology

William Schmidli
Bucknell University
International Cold War History

Edward Schoolman
University of Nevada, Reno
Early Medieval Italy

Richard VanNess Simmons
Rutgers University
Chinese Dialects, Phonology and History

Amy Singer
Tel Aviv University
Ottoman History

Nader Sohrabi
Carleton College
Ottoman History, Iranian History

Vlada Stankovic
University of Belgrade
Byzantine and Balkan Studies

Owen Stanwood
Boston College
Atlantic World; Colonial America

Andrea Sterk
University of Florida
Late Antiquity

Wendy Swartz
Rutgers University
Premodern Chinese Literature

Emily Thompson
Princeton University
History of Technology, Sound, Music

Moulie Vidas
Princeton University
Rabbinic Literature; Late Antiquity

K. Steven Vincent
North Carolina State University
Modern European History

Thomas Wallnig
University of Vienna
History of Scholarship

Mykhaylo Yakubovych
The National University of Ostroh Academy
Post-Classical Islamic Philosophy


Martin Bentz
University of Bonn
Classical Archaeology
(October – December)

Joan Connelly
New York University
Classical Archaeology
(January 6 - March 6)

Stephen Tracy
American School of Classical Studies at Athens
Greek History and Epigraphy
(long-term Visitor)

Research Assistant

Xi Wang
Renmin University of China
Late Imperial Chinese History
(Assistant to Nicola Di Cosmo)