2012-2013 Members, Visitors and Research Assistant

= first term only = second term only

Nathanael Andrade
University of Oregon
Ancient History

George Boys-Stones
Durham University
Classics, Ancient Philosophy

Alessandro Maria Bruni
Byzantium and Eastern Christianity

Christer Bruun
University of Toronto
Ancient History

Mayke de Jong
Utrecht University
Medieval History

André Dombrowski
University of Pennsylvania
Nineteenth-Century European Art

Mark Driscoll
University of North Carolina
East Asian Cultural History

Marco Fantuzzi
Università di Macerata
Classics, Greek Literature

Ingrid Furniss
Lafayette College
Chinese Art and Archaeology, Musicology

Alex Gottesman
Temple University
Ancient History

Jeffrey Gould
Indiana University
Latin American History

Yannis Hamilakis
University of Southampton
Greek Archaeology, Classical Reception

James Harris
University of St Andrews
18th-century British Intellectual History

Charles Hartman
The University at Albany (SUNY)
Chinese History

Helmut Heit
Technische Universität Berlin

Yitzhak Hen
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Early Medieval History

Yonglin Jiang
Bryn Mawr College
Chinese History

Mark Jurdjevic
Glendon College, York University
Italian Renaissance

Jungwon Kim
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Korean History

Derek Krueger
University of North Carolina-Greensboro
Religion, Late Ancient and Byzantine Studies

Anna Krylova
Duke University
Modern Russian History

Stephen Lambert
Cardiff University
Ancient History, Greek Epigraphy

Renée Levine Melammed
The Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies
Medieval History, Jewish studies

Munkh-Erdene Lhamsuren
National University of Mongolia
Central Eurasian Studies

Maria Loh
University College London
History of Art

Carolyn Merchant
University of California, Berkeley
History of Science

Christian Meyer
(Gerda Henkel Member)
University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
East Asian Studies

Jan-Werner Mueller
Princeton University
European Intellectual History

Marcus Payk
Humboldt University Berlin
19th and 20th century European History

Roberta Pergher
Indiana University
European History, Fascism, Empire

Anne-Lise Rey
University Lille I
Philosophy and History of Science

Juhyung Rhi
Seoul National University
Art History

Marijana Ricl
University of Belgrade
Ancient History and Greek Epigraphy

Bruce Rusk
University of British Columbia
History of Early Modern China

Ortal-Paz Saar
Tel Aviv University
Middle Eastern history, Judaic studies

Adam Sabra
University of California, Santa Barbara
Islamic Studies

Ron Sela
Indiana University
History & Historiography of Islamic Central Asia

Mitra Sharafi
University of Wisconsin
History of Law & Medicine in South Asia

Weirong Shen
Renmin University
History, Philology and Buddhist Studies

Evrydiki Sifnaiou
The National Hellenic Research Foundation
Economic and Social History, History of the Diasporas

Nigel Smith
Princeton University
Comparative Literature and History

Jörg Sonntag
Technische Universität Dresden
Medieval History

Nicola Terrenato
University of Michigan
Roman Art and Archaeology

Francesca Trivellato
Yale University
Early Modern European History

Frans van Liere
Calvin College
Medieval History, History of Biblical Exegesis

Anthony Vidler
Cooper Union
Architectural and Urban History

Adelheid Voskuhl
Harvard University
History of Technology

Aihe Wang
The University of Hong Kong
Chinese Studies

Ittai Weinryb
Bard Graduate Center
History of Art

Frédérique Woerther
Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
Islamic Philosophy

Chen-Pang Yeang
University of Toronto
History of Science & Technology


David Kennedy
University of Western Australia
Roman Archaeology and History
(Sept. 1 - Nov. 16)

Hyun Ok Park
York University
East Asian Studies
(Sept. 1 - Nov. 16)

Stephen Tracy
American School of Classical Studies
at Athens
Greek History and Epigraphy
(long-term Visitor)

Laura Sanguinetti White
Rutgers University
Medieval History and Literature
(Feb. 1 - Aug. 15)

Research Assistants

Xi Wang
Renmin University of China
East Asian Studies
(Assistant to Professor Di Cosmo starting April 15)