1999-2000 Members, Visitors and Research Assistants

= first term only = second term only


Magda Al-Nowaihi
Columbia University
Arabic Literature

June Allison
Ohio State University

Christiane Andersson
Bucknell University
Renaissance Art History

Robert Antliff
Duke University
Art History

Martin Aurell
Université de Poitiers
Medieval History

Nikolai Bolkhovitinov
Russian Academy of Sciences
History of International Relations, History of the USA and Russia

Ward Briggs
University of South Carolina
Classical Tradition

Cynthia Brokaw
University of Oregon
Late Imperial Chinese History (Ming and Qing Dynasties)

Kevin Clinton
Cornell University
Greek Epigraphy

Olivia Remie Constable
University of Notre Dame
History of Medieval Near East and Mediterranean World (Visitor first term, Member second term)

Peter Dinzelbacher
University of Stuttgart and University of Vienna
Medieval Studies

Susan Downey
University of California (Los Angeles)
Archaeology, Art History, Classics

Noël Duval
La Sorbonne
Christian Art and Archaeology

Theodore Evergates
Western Maryland College
Medieval History

Mary Louise Gill
University of Pittsburgh
Ancient Greek Philosophy

Richard Grassby
Independent Scholar
Early Modern British History

Jasper Griffin
Oxford University
Greek & Latin Literature

Roger Hart
Stanford University
Traditional Chinese History and History of Science

Jane Hathaway
Ohio State University
Near Eastern Studies

Julie Hessler
University of Oregon
Soviet History/Twentieth-Century History

David Hollinger
University of California
Berkeley, United States History

C. Stephen Jaeger
University of Washington
Medieval German Literature

Christopher Andrew Jones
Ohio State University
Anglo-Saxon Church History

Birgit Krawietz
University of Tübingen
Islamic Law, Islam and Modernity

Bhadriraju Krishnamurti
University of Hyderabad
Historical Linguistics

Helen Lang
Trinity College
Ancient Philosophy

John LeDonne
Harvard University
Russian History

Patricia Leighten
Duke University
Late 19th- and early 20th Century Art and Politics; Modernism

Christopher Melchert
Institut Français des Etudes Arabes de Damas
Islamic History

Vivian Nutton
Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine
History of Medicine

Steven Pincus
University of Chicago
Early Modern British History

David Porter
University of Michigan
18th Century Literary and Cultural History

Han Qi
Chinese Academy of Sciences
History of Science and Late Imperial Chinese History

Giuseppe Ragone
University of Basilicata (Potenza)
Greek History and Epigraphy

Sulhiniso Rahmatullaeva
Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan
Islamic Art and Culture

Sara Rappe
University of Michigan (Ann Arbor)

Chase Robinson
Oxford University
Islamic History (Member first term, Visitor second term)

Norman Rose
The Hebrew University
International History

Nina Serebrennikov
Davidson College
Northern European Art of the 16th and 17th Centuries

Bette Talvacchia
University of Connecticut
Art History

Vera Tolz
University of Salford
Russian History

Jörg Traeger
Universität Regensburg
Art History

Thomas Wilson
Hamilton College
Traditional Chinese Cultural History

Jocelyn Wogan-Browne
University of Liverpool
Medieval Studies


Valerie Flint
University of Hull
Medieval Ecclesiastical History

Sarah Fraser
Northwestern University
Art History (Chinese Painting)

Rona Goffen
Rutgers University
Art History

Miriam Griffin
Oxford University
Ancient History

François Rigolot
Princeton University
French Literature

Leonid Zhmud
Russian Academy of Sciences, St Petersburg
Ancient Greek Science and Philosophy

Research Assistants

Alison Beach
Institute for Advanced Study
Medieval History
(Assitant to Professor Constable)

Harry Bone
Institute for Advanced Study
Islamic History
(Assistant to Professor Crone)

Cynthia Robinson
Institute for Advanced Study
Art History
(Assistant to Professor Grabar)

Thomas Rütten
Institute for Advanced Study
History of Medicine
(Assistant to Professor von Staden)