1997-1998 Members, Visitors and Research Assistants

= first term only = second term only


Bernard Bachrach
University of Minnesota
Medieval European History

Hermann Beck
University of Miami
European History

Luciano Boi
Université du Quebec
History and Philosophy of Modern Mathematics

T. Corey Brennan
Bryn Mawr College
Ancient History

William Caferro
University of Tulsa
Medieval and Early Modern Europe

*Claude Calame
University of Lausanne
Greek Literature/History of Greek Religion

Jorge Cañizares-Esguerra
Illinois State University
Latin American History

José Colomer
Université de Lyon II
Spanish History and Literature, XVI-XVIIth C.

Stephen Dale
Ohio State University
Islamic/South Asian History

Thomas Dale
Columbia University
Mediaeval & Byzantine Art

Jehan Desanges
La Sorbonne
Africa (Antiquity); Historic Geography

Gary Dickson
University of Edinburgh
Medieval Religion

Barbara Diefendorf
Boston University
Early Modern Europe; specialty French History

Slobodan Dušanić
Belgrade University
Ancient History

Sharon Farmer
University of California, Santa Barbara
Medieval European History

Joachim Ganzert
Fachhochschule Biberach/Rib Germany
History of Architecture

Lothar Haselberger
University of Pennsylvania
Classical Architecture Theory of Architecture

Jonathan Haslam
Cambridge University
History and International Relations

Benjamin Isaac
Tel Aviv University
Ancient History, Epigraphy, Archaeology

Edward Ivanian
Russian Academy of Sciences
Russian-American Relations

André Liebich
Graduate Institute of Geneva
Central & Eastern Europe, International Studies Political Theory, International Relations

Neil McWilliam
University of East Anglia
History of Art

Joseph Mélèze Modrzejewski
La Sorbonne
Hellenistic World, Ancient Legal History

Vernon Minor
University of Colorado
Art History of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries

Alpay Özdural
Eastern Mediterranean University
Northern Cyprus, Islamic Architecture

Malcolm Parkes
University of Oxford

Norman Pereira
Dalhousie University
Russian History

James Powers
College of the Holy Cross
Medieval Castile and Aragon - Military - Urban Art

Susan Ramirez
DePaul University
Andean History and Ethnohistory

Claudia Rapp
University of California, Los Angeles
Late Antiquity

Amy Remensnyder
Brown University
Medieval Europe and Latin America

Dwight Reynolds
University of California, Santa Barbara
Arabic Literature, Folklore and Ethnomusicology

Geoffrey Rickman
University of St. Andrews
Roman Social and Economic History

Alexander Sedov
Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences
Oriental Archaeology and Numismatic

Jane Sharp
University of Maryland, College Park
Twentieth-Century Art, Russian modernism

Hendrik Spruyt
Columbia University
Political Science, International Relations

Maria Subtelny
University of Toronto
Social and Economic History of Medieval Iran and Central Asia

Daniel Szechi
Auburn University
British History

Lee Wandel
Yale University


Jonathan Bush
Santa Clara University
Legal History and International Law

Graeme Clarke
The Australian National University
Classical Studies

Robert Gutman
Princeton University
Architectural History

Bert Hansen
The City University of New York, Baruch College
History of Medicine

Benjamin Kedar
The Hebrew University
Medieval European History of Jerusalem

Patricia Labalme
Institute for Advanced Study
Venetian History

Ronald Mellor
University of California, Los Angeles
Ancient History

Carol Neuman de Vegvar
Wesleyan University
Early Western Medieval Art

Willard Peterson
Princeton University
Chinese Intellectual History

Erika Rummel
Wilfrid Laurier University
Renaissance and Reformation History (January only)

Hayat Salam-Liebich
Architectural History

Glen Van Brummelen
The King's University College
History of Mathematics

Rob Wegman
Princeton University
Music History, Middle Ages

Research Assistants

Abdelmajid Hannoum
Institute for Advanced Study
(Assistant to Professor Crone)

Nina Khrushcheva
Institute for Advanced Study
Russian History
(Assistant to Professor Matlock)

Wolfgang Müller
Institute for Advanced Study
Medieval History
(Assistant to Professor Constable)