Office mail is picked up and delivered three times a day, once in the early morning, once around midday, and a third time in the mid to late afternoon. Outgoing mail is taken to the post office twice a day, in the late morning and in the early afternoon.

The U.S. Post Office has prepared a general guide to mail services that can be found on the web at:

For a list of postal rates please click here.

Work-related Mail
During a scholar's stay at the Institute the School of Historical Studies will cover the cost of first class and airmail postage for Members and Visitors to send mail that is in any way related to their scholarly research or academic duties. Scholars should supply their own postage for any mail that is truly of a personal nature.

Personal Mail
For personal mail stamps can be purchased from the reception desk in Fuld Hall. If you are sending a package or an oversize (or extra heavy) envelope that is of a personal nature please complete the form for "personal mail charges" that can be found in the supply cabinet. Complete the form and attach it with tape to the envelope or package before putting the item in the outgoing mail. Staff in the mail room will use the information provided on the form to redirect the postage charges to your personal account.

Special Mail Services
Members and Visitors are expected to cover the cost special mail services at their own expense. Charges for the following services will be billed to the individual's own Institute account:

  • certified
  • insured
  • registered
  • return receipt
  • special delivery
  • priority mail
  • Express Mail
  • FedEx or UPS

Mail on Departure - Sending Things Home
On departure from the Institute packages containing books and materials that Members and Visitors send home to their own address are considered a relocation expense. The cost of sending such packages is charged to the individual scholar. Members who have travel funds remaining can submit receipts to the Comptroller's Office and request reimbursement from the travel account for packages sent home.