The Institute's central fax machine is located at the reception desk in Fuld Hall. The receptionist will send and receive faxes for scholars. The fax number is (609) 924-8399. If a fax is received for you the receptionist will call your office telephone extension and leave voicemail if you are not available. You are asked to go in person to the reception desk to retrieve a fax.

Click here for a fax cover sheet that you can fill out and print.

*Members and Visitors may be charged for sending faxes at the following rates:

Within the U.S. Internationally
$1.00 for first page $2.00 for first page
$.50 for subsequent pages $1.00 for subsequent pages

*Fax Charges are considered part of telephone costs. The School provides an allowance of up to $25.00 per month for each Member of Visitor for a combined total of long distance telephone calls and faxes. If the full $25 is not used to cover telephone charges the remainder is applied to cover fax charges. If the total exceeds $25 the excess charges will be redirected to the scholar's personal account. The additional amount charged will appear on the subsequent month's statement from the Comptroller's Office.