2019-2020 Members and Visitors

= first term only = second term only


Hassan Farhang Ansari
Institute for Advanced Study
Islamic Law and Theology
(long-term Member)

Jan Bemmann
University of Bonn
History and Archaeology of Inner Asia

Ruth Ben-Ghiat ●
New York University
World War Two

Lauren Benton
Vanderbilt University
Comparative Legal History

Thibaut Boulay
Université de Tours
Ancient History

Aaron Butts
The Catholic University of America
Early Eastern Christianity

Hannah Chazin
Columbia University
Archaeology of the South Caucasus

Tamara Chin
Brown University
Comparative Literature and East Asian Studies

Godefroid de Callataÿ
Université catholique de Louvain
History of Arabic Science and Philosophy

Charlotte Denoël
Bibliothèque nationale de France
Medieval Book Illumination

Paul Dilley
University of Iowa
Early Christianity, Ancient Religious History

Mary Farag
Princeton Theological Seminary
Early Eastern Christianity

Zbigniew Fiema
University of Helsinki
Archaeology, Ancient History

Arnaud Fossier
Université de Bourgogne
Medieval History, Catholic Church History, Legal History

Heidi Gearhart
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Romanesque Art, Northern Europe

Eva Giloi
Rutgers University, Newark
Late Modern Germany

Marius Hauknes
University of Notre Dame
History of Art

Daniel Hershenzon
University of Connecticut
Early Modern Spain and the Mediterranean

Joshua Howard
University of Mississippi
Modern Chinese History

Rob Iliffe
University of Oxford
History of Science

Matt Kadane ●
Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Enlightenment and Religion

Hiroaki Kuromiya
Indiana University
Late Modern Eurasian History

Fabio Lanza ▲
University of Arizona
Modern Chinese History

Hartmut Leppin▲
Goethe Universitaet
Ancient History, Late Antiquity

Deirdre Loughridge
Northeastern University
History of Music Technology

Molly Nesbit ●
Vassar College
Modern and Contemporary Art

Esen Ogus
Austin Peay State University
Classical Art and Archaeology

Charles Parker
Saint Louis University
Early Modern Global Entanglements

Anthony Petro
Boston University
History of Religion and Visual Studies

Beth Plummer ▲
University of Arizona
Reformation and Gender History

Anne-Valérie Pont
Sorbonne Université
Ancient History, Epigraphy

Regine Pruzsinszky ●
University of Freiburg
Ancient Near Eastern Studies

Lisa Regazzoni▲
Early Modern France, Material Culture

Christian Robin
Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
Pre-Islamic Arabia and Ethiopia

Andrew Sartori ▲
New York University
European Intellectual History and Capitalism

Gideon Shelach-Lavi ●
Hebrew University
Archaeology of China and Mongolia

Andrew Sloin
Baruch College, City University of New York
Jewish and Soviet History

Gabriela Soto Laveaga
Harvard University
History of Science and Latin American History

Justin Stearns
New York University Abu Dhabi
Islamic Intellectual History

Daniel Strum ●
University of Sao Paulo
Early Modern Economic & Atlantic History

Hiroshi Takayama ▲
University of Tokyo
Medieval History, Comparative History of Institutions

Marion Thomas
Université de Strasbourg
History of Science & Primatology

Kira Thurman
University of Michigan
German History, Black Studies, Musicology

Glen Van Brummelen
Quest University
History of Science, Mathematics and Astronomy

Daniel Varisco
American Institute for Yemeni Studies
Near Eastern Studies and Anthropology

Alla Vronskaya
Illinois Institute of Technology
Modern Architecture

Ao Wang
Wesleyan University
Chinese Poetry

Laura Weigert
Rutgers University
Medieval and Renaissance Art History

Cord Whitaker
Wellesley College
Medieval History and African American Studies

Judith Zeitlin ●
University of Chicago
Chinese Literature


Robert Antony▲
Guangzhou University
Chinese History

Juliette Kennedy▲
University of Helsinki
History of Mathematics

Isabelle Marchesin
Institut national d'histoire de l'art, Paris
Medieval Iconography, Visual Semiotics

Karina Urbach
University of London
Modern International Relations & Jewish Family History
(long-term Visitor)

David R. Wilton
English, Language and Literature
(long-term Visitor)

Visiting Associates

L. Lital Levy
Princeton University
Jewish Studies, Near Eastern Studies

Sarah Rivett
Princeton University
Early American and Transatlantic Literature, Religion, and Indigenous History