PU High Energy Theory Seminar

Bootstrapping N = 4 sYM Using Integrability

Abstract: In this talk we use integrability data to bootstrap correlation functions of planar maximally supersymmetric Yang- Mills theory, focusing on four-point correlation function of stress-tensor. First, we start by demonstrating why the conventional bootstrap approach fails and new techniques are required. Next, we introduce a set of sum rules that are tailored for this problem as they are only sensitive to single-traces in the OPE expansion. Integrability enters at this stage and provides information on the spectrum of these operators. Their OPE coefficients however remain unknown. We then discuss how these sum rules can be employed in numerical bootstrap to nonperturbatively bound the OPE coefficients. We show, for the first time, rigorous bounds for the planar OPE coefficient of single-trace operators at various t’Hooft couplings well outside the perturbative regime. This talk is based on an upcoming paper and 2207.01615.

Date & Time

April 29, 2024 | 2:30pm – 3:30pm


Jadwin Hall, PCTS Room 407


Zahra Zahraee, McGill University