Subversion - a Version Control System

Subversion is a collaborative version management system for use with software development or documentation. For more information on Subversion in general, see

WebSVN is available for viewing repositories and the changes to them, here:

We can set up a Subversion repository for you on request. The resulting repository will be accessible on the Internet, so you may collaborate with others outside IAS. If you would like a repository set up, please send the following to the computing staff:

  • Usernames for yourself and and IAS-based collaborators.
  • Usernames and passwords for non-IAS collaborators.
  • Read/Write access for the users to the project.

Private repositories will usually be accessed on a URL of this form: We ask that private repositories remain private. If you want others to collaborate, we suggest you choose a project name. Such a repository would be accessed on a URL like this:

It is not always necessary to set up a special repository for a given project, because we have made a public one available for all authenticated users. The URL is