Digital Document Sender

There are HP Digital Document Senders located in Bloomberg Hall, rooms 272 and 118. The Document Senders can scan a document to PDF format and email it in one step, and feature a convenient touch-screen interface. The document sender in BH-118 also has a pullout keyboard which can be used in place of the touch screen. To send documents:

  1. Load your document. You can place a single letter-size sheet or a stack of sheets face-up in the document tray. If you are sending a delicate or unusually-shaped document, lift the scanner cover and place the sheet directly on the scanning screen.
  2. Touch the E-MAIL button on the touch screen.
  3. Touch the From: button to replace the default From: address with your own.
  4. Type your email address* and touch OK.
  5. Touch the To: button and enter the recipient's email address*. You can send to several recipients by placing a semicolon (;) between each email address.
  6. Touch the Subject: button and enter your desired email subject line.
  7. Optionally add CC: or BCC: recipients.
  8. Touch Start to send the document.

*If a sender or recipient's email address is in the Digital Sender's address book, then you may start typing the email address, and the entire address will be filled in for you. Email addresses for recipients outside the Institute may be added. Please contact the Computing staff for assistance with this.