Joint Institute for Advanced Study / Princeton University Astrophysics Colloquium

Colloquiums are held on Tuesdays at 11:00 am and are organized by The Institute for Advanced Study in the Fall and Princeton University in the Spring. Details on the Fall 2022 colloquiums can be found below. The Joint Astrophysics Colloquium is immediately followed by the Bahcall Lunch. 

For questions about a speaker's visit to The Institute for Advanced Study, please contact Chris Hamilton, Lia Medeiros or Amanda Cenker.

For questions about a speaker's visit to Princeton University SPring 2023, please contact: Arno Vanthieghem, Shany Danieli, or Mami Akiyama. Visitors to the Princeton University Campus must follow their visitor policy.

Videos of past talks at the IAS can be found on the IAS video server or on YouTube.

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Institute for Advanced Study / Princeton University Joint Astrophysics Colloquium

Sub-Neptune, Super-Earth, or Water World? Exploring the Properties of Small Extrasolar Planets
Heather Knutson
10:30am|Princeton University, Peyton Hall Auditorium

We currently know of more than 10,000 planets and planet candidates orbiting nearby stars.  This population is dominated by planets with masses between 1-10 times that of the Earth, which can be divided into two broad classes (‘sub-Neptunes’ and...