Guidelines for Title Page and Acknowledgment Section

Title Page Affiliation Guidelines for Members

On the title page, please list the Institute for Advanced Study as the institution you are affiliated with if the majority of your work on the paper was done at the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS). Note: In some cases you may list two institutions if you also have a home institution.

If applicable, also include a notation on the title page of your fellowship. e.g. John Doe [1, 2]
1. Institute for Advanced Study
2. Hubble Fellow

Acknowledgment Guidelines for Members

For papers written by members with an outside fellowship or an IAS named fellowship, in the acknowledgment section list the fellowship directly and not IAS. You may have been advised on the wording to acknowledge your specific grant. e.g. "AA acknowledges support provided by NASA through Hubble Fellowship grant HST-HF-01202.01 awarded by the Space Telescope Science Institute, which is operated by the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy, In., for NASA, under the contract NAS 5-26555."

If no special wording is provided, you should list the fellowship:
"AA gratefully acknowledges support from NSF Grant PHY-0503584."
"AA gratefully acknowledges support from the Chandra Fellowship."
"AA gratefully acknowledges support from the Taplin Fellowship."

If there is no specific grant (e.g. NS Funds, NS Member, General Endowment, or no funding), a member could use wording like "AA gratefully acknowledges support from the Institute for Advanced Study." Or if there is only one author, then "I" can be used in place of the author's initials.

Affiliation and Acknowledgment Guidelines for Visitors

While you would include only your home institution on the title page, you may wish to include an acknowledgment to IAS in the Acknowledgment section. e.g. "AA gratefully acknowledges support from the Institute for Advanced Study."

Please Notify Your Academic Assistant When You Publish a Paper

Physics Members: Please notify Lisa Fleischer -
Astrophysics Members: Please notify Amanda Cenker -
Note: This also applies to papers that are published after you leave IAS if the majority of the work was done while you were at the IAS.

Please contact Michelle Sage with any questions,