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Resources on Squeezes, the IAS Collection, and Digital Epigraphy

  • In January 2019 Project Coordinator Aaron Hershkowitz presented a poster at the joint meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America and the Society for Classical Studies. That poster included a high level overview of the Krateros Project's methodology, both in terms of scanning and web presence. You can view the poster here. The statistics on project progress are, of course, out of date, as may be the information on methodology. For current project methodology, please go to the "Project Overview" page on this site.
  • In Spring 2019 an Ancient Greek class from The Lawrenceville School visited the IAS to learn about the squeeze collection and the Krateros Project, and to begin a collaborative effort to include epigraphic material in Ancient Greek instruction. Project Coordinator Aaron Hershkowitz and the Latin Master at The Lawrenceville School, Scott Barnard, oversaw this collaboration and presented on its results at the 2019 meeting of the Classical Association of the Atlantic States. The handout for that presentation is available here. As part of their effort to promote the use of epigraphy in Ancient Greek pedagogy, they created a curriculum and lesson plans on the model of the NEH’s https://edsitement.neh.gov/. That curriculum of 3 lesson plans can be viewed here. If you have any questions at all, please send an email to krateros@ias.edu. If you use the module, we would love to hear from you about how it went, and, if you are willing, include your lesson plans or notes on our website to help others with their own implementation.