Materials about, related to, or proceeding from the Krateros Project


Friends Lunch with Aaron Hershkowitz – In this virtual event from October 2020, Project Manager Aaron Hershkowitz discusses what an epigraphic squeeze is, how to digitize a squeeze, and more as he gives a brief history of the Institute squeeze collection and the project to digitize it. He also explains the current workflow of the digitization project as well as its future goals.

Brief Introduction to Krateros – A combination of footage from the Meritt Library (the Krateros Project’s headquarters) and a lecture given at Rutgers University. Learn about the resources and procedures involved with the epigraphic collection at the Institute and its digitization.

Krateros: the necessity and difficulty of digitizing epigraphic squeezes – A lecture delivered to the Rutgers Classics Graduate Student Organization by Project Manager Aaron Hershkowitz in February 2019. Dr. Hershkowitz goes into depth on why the digitization of epigraphic resources is so important for the preservation and expansion of epigraphy as a field, and explores some of the difficulties faced when hundreds of years of tradition meet new formats and needs.

Digitization at IAS Webinar – In this event organized by AMIAS (The Association of Members of the Institute for Advanced Study) Jeffrey Berliner, CIO of the Institute, Sabine Schmidtke, Professor of Islamic Intellectual History at the Institute, and Aaron Hershkowitz, Manager of the Krateros Project, discuss digitization projects at the Institute and “Albert”, the Institute’s digital repository.

Meritt Library Tour – Enjoy a brief tour of the Meritt Library, the epigraphy laboratory at the Institute for Advanced Study. The Meritt Library houses one of the largest collections of epigraphic squeezes (paper negatives of inscribed stones) in the world, as well as variety of archival material pertaining especially to the publication of inscriptions from the Ancient Agora at Athens. Also included is an overview of the digitization processes of the Krateros Project, the initiative to digitize the squeeze collection for preservation and accessibility.

Krateros Open House – The Institute for Advanced Study holds one of the largest collections of epigraphic squeezes (paper negatives of inscribed stones) in the world. In this virtual event organized by the IAS Digital Scholarship Conversations on April 9th, 2021, the manager of the Krateros Project Dr. Aaron Hershkowitz presented a behind-the-scenes tour of the Meritt Library, home to both the squeeze collection and the digitization effort. Attendees not only see the various materials housed in the Meritt Library, but also have a glimpse into the process of scanning those squeezes. The program concludes with a question and answer period led by Dr. Hershkowitz.

Squeeze-Making Demonstration - Have you ever wondered about how a squeeze is actually made? Wonder no more! In this video Charalambos Kritzas, former Director of the Epigraphic Museum in Athens and an expert on the subject, gives a comprehensive demonstration. For more information on the making of squeezes, see our related blog post.


Digitizing the IAS Squeeze Collection – Presented at the January 2019 joint annual meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America and the Society for Classical Studies. Includes a high level overview of the Krateros Project's methodology, both in terms of scanning and web presence. The statistics on project progress are, of course, out of date, as may be the information on methodology. For current project methodology, please go to the "Project Overview" page on this site.


In addition to what you see below, follow the Krateros Instagram page for images and information about squeezes and inscriptions in the IAS collection!