Emergency Information


Personal Emergencies -

(Please complete your own individual Emergency Contact Form, providing details of who to contact on your behalf in case you are ill or incapacitated.)

To report sudden emergencies of this type on the Institute campus:

FIRST DIAL 911 from any campus, housing or personal telephone*

If an individual has stopped breathing or a heart attack is suspected, after calling 911

  • WEEKDAYS: contact a nearby IAS staff or faculty member, or dial “0” for the reception desk
  • EVENINGS OR WEEKENDS: call ext. 5460 from an Institute telephone to reach Public Safety while the 911 responders are in transit, or call 609 947-5490 from any telephone.

    Every effort will be made to send an individual trained in AED/CPR techniques to the location of the disabled individual (staff and faculty have a list of those trained in AED/CPR).

*If you dial 911 in error, please do not hang up. Wait for the emergency dispatcher to come on the line and explain that it was a misdial. If you hang up before speaking with the dispatcher, Princeton Emergency Services will be obligated to send a police car to your location to investigate the call.

Campus Emergencies

Click here for information about campus emergencies, such as a power outage, downed electrical wires, or other on-campus crisis situation.