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Introduction to "Fractons" and the Haah Code

Here are some references for Haah's code and the larger world of "fractons". This list is far from complete and does not accurately capture the history of the subject.
1. Haah's original work:
2. Fractons and duality:
3. Lecture notes discussing Haah's algebraic methods:
4. "Bifurcating RG for Haah's code":
5. Foliated fracton phases:
6. Fracton-elasticity duality:
I would recommend skimming through 2 and 6, for starters. I will try to present a little bit about Haah's code including its motivations and extensions, an rg picture, and finally maybe comment about fracton-elasticity duality.


Brian Swingle

Speaker Affiliation

Junior Visiting Professor, School of Natural Sciences; Assistant Professor, University of Maryland


Natural Sciences

Date & Time
September 12, 2018 | 1:452:45pm


Bloomberg Hall Physics Library