Workshop Scientific Program

Monday, May 2
Analytic structure of Lorentzian observables

Morning Session
Review Talks:
Simon Caron-Huot, McGill University
Lance Dixon, SLAC, Stanford University

Afternoon Session
2:30pm: IAS High Energy Theory Seminar, Lance Dixon, SLAC, Stanford University

Francesco Riva, University of Geneva
Hofie Sigridar Hannesdottir, Institute for Advanced Study
Aninda Sinha, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore


Tuesday, May 3
Swampland conjectures

Morning Session
10:00am: Discussion with Cumrun Vafa, Harvard University (remote)
Review Talks:
Miguel Montero, Harvard University
Irene Valenzuela, CERN and IFT Madrid

Afternoon Session
Claudia de Rham, Imperial College, London
Juan Maldacena, Institute for Advanced Study
Grant Remmen, Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics, UC Santa Barbara
Gary Shiu, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Andrew Tolley, Imperial College, London


Wednesday, May 4
Constraints on gravitational theories

Morning Session
Alexander Zhiboedov, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland

Afternoon Session
Dalimil Mazac, Institute for Advanced Study
Julio Parra-Martinez, Caltech
Leonardo Rastelli, C.N. Yang Institute, Stony Brook University
Lecheng Ren, Brown University


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