Lectures 11, 12, 13: Photometry and the fundamental plane


Binney and Merrifield, 4.2-4.3

Optional reading:

Schechter, P. 1976, ApJ 203, 297 - the original Schechter luminosity function

de Lapparent, V. 2003, A & A 408, 845 - luminosity functions by morphological type

Walker, G. 1987, Astronomical observations (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press). A good general introduction to telescopes, seeing, instruments, and everything else theorists should know about observing, though now somewhat out of date.

the fundamental plane was discovered independently by

Djorgovski, S., and Davis, M. 1987, ApJ 313, 59

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Bernardi, M., et al. 2003, AJ 125, 1866 - fundamental plane for early-type galaxies using SDSS

Gebhardt, K., et al. 1996, AJ 112, 105 - a discussion of non-parametric methods for determining luminosity density from surface brightness in spherical or spheroidal galaxies, and a description of the division into core and power-law galaxies. See also Faber, S. M., et al. 1997, AJ 114, 1771

Faber, S., and Jackson, R. E. 1986, ApJ 204, 668 - the Faber-Jackson relation

The best link to the Kormendy relations is his home page, here

Romanowsky, A., and Kochanek, C. 1997, MNRAS 287, 35 - a recent discussion of konus densities and the difficulty of deprojecting surface-brightness profiles

2-parameter fitting functions:

Hubble, E. 1930, ApJ 71, 231 - Hubble-Reynolds law

Young, P. J. 1976, AJ 81, 807 - extensive tables and formulae for de Vaucouleurs' law

3-parameter fitting functions:

King, I. 1962, AJ 67, 471 - King's law for the surface-brightness distribution of galaxies and clusters (empirical version)

King, I. 1966, AJ 71, 64 - King's law for the surface-brightness distribution of galaxies and clusters (dynamical version)

Dehnen, W., 1993, MNRAS 265, 250 and Tremaine, S., et al. 1994, AJ 107, 634 - description of the gamma models for spherical systems;

5-parameter fitting functions:

Byun, Y.-I., et al. 1996, AJ 111, 1889 - the "nuker-law" fitting function