The Simons Center for Systems Biology - Research

Research interests at The Simons Center for Systems Biology include genetics and genomics, polymorphisms and molecular aspects of evolution, signal transduction pathways and networks, stress responses and pharmacogenomics in cancer biology. Members of the group explore the linkage between theoretical and experimental biology. The group has developed algorithms that have led to the discovery of correlations and signals that are characteristic of viruses, diseases such as cancer, and traits such as embryonic development and longevity. Researchers also are investigating protein-protein interaction networks, including the prediction of protein-protein interactions from sequence analysis, and the dynamics of mRNA and protein expression in gene circuits.

Using tools from statistical mechanics and information theory, Members are addressing problems in population genetics and association studies, haplotype structure and gene selection in the p53 pathway, and uncovering epistatic interactions between single nucleotide polymorphisms related to cell apoptosis as well as developing protocols for molecular profiling of cancer; studying evolutionary genetics, and patterns of mutations correlated with longevity. They are exploring the bioinformatics of DNA and RNA sequences with applications including patterns of re-assortment in viruses, optimal RNA expression for vaccines and chromatin structure as a function of DNA sequence; and developing numerically efficient theoretical methods to describe quantum effects experimentally observed in enzymatic reactions.

Other areas of activity include molecular coding theory and the physics of proteins. Members are exploring how the unique physico-chemical properties of large biomolecules are determined by the sequential information of DNA, the relationship between physical properties of proteins and their function as information processors; correlations between amino acid frequencies and position in multiple sequence alignments, and the dimensionality of the phenotype space in which biological functions evolve. There is also research focused on the physical processes of thermodynamic equilibrium based on information handling that relate to the basic workings of life––maintenance, growth, and reproduction; the impact of microscopic noise on the collective properties of biological systems at the “network” level; and the evolutionary mechanisms for microbial populations to adapt to varying environments.

The Center’s first publication from research on genetic predispositions to cancer, A Single Nucleotide Polymorphism in the MDM2 Promoter Attenuates the p53 Tumor Suppressor Pathway and Accelerates Tumor Formation in Humans, appeared in the journal Cell in November 2004.

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