Seminar Series - Fall 2011

Simons Center for Systems Biology
Seminar Series - Fall 2011

Bloomberg Hall 113 (except where noted)
Institute for Advanced Study

July 19
2:00 pm
Chris Schafmeister
Temple University
Bis-peptides - Synthetic Organic Macromolecules with Programmable Shapes
and Functional Group Display as Ligands for Mdm2
August 2
2:00 pm
Moriah Szpara
Princeton University
Genome Sequences Reveal Inter-Strain Diversity in Virulent and Vaccine
Strains of Alpha-Herpesviruses
September 13
4:00 pm

Michael P. Brenner
Harvard University
Linear Algebra and the Shapes of Bird Beaks
Bloomberg Hall Physics Library
October 5
4:00 pm
Joshua Shaevitz
Princeton University
Molecular Motor Driven Self-Organization in Bacteria
October 6
4:00 pm
Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz
University of Calgary
Computational Models of Plant Architecture
Bloomberg Hall Physics Library
October 12
4:00 pm
Stephen P. Goff
Columbia University
Retroviral Restriction Factors: ZAP, ZFP809, and New Aspects of Innate
October 19
4:00 pm
Yuhai Tu
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
Systems Biology of a Simple Organism: on E. coli's Memory and Computation
October 20
11:00 am
Moran Yassour
Hebrew University
Characterizing Transcriptomes from High Throughput Sequencing Data:
from Yeast to Mammals
December 9
4:00 pm
Edo Kussell
New York University
Populations in Lineage Perspective: Ages, Phenotypes, and Bacteria