Helios Cluster: Using Open MPI

The Helios Cluster uses Open MPI for it's MPI library. Detailed information on Open MPI can be found on the Open MPI website. For information on how to compile programs using Open MPI, please see OpenMPI FAQ: Compiling Open MPI Applications

OpenMPI is installed in /usr/local/openmpi. Since many parallel programs use Fortran and there is rarely any compatibility between different Fortran libraries compiled with different Fortran compilers, Open MPI has been compiled using GCC and Intel. Installations of Open MPI in /usr/local/openmpi are by Open MPI version and then by compiler.

These are also available as modules, for example:
module load openmpi/gcc
module load openmpi/intel-19.0

You can also use "module avail openmpi" to list all versions available. Legacy installations are located in /opt/sns/.