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Book ordering information

My book on ``Quaternionic Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Fields'' was published by Oxford University Press in 1995. It can be ordered from: Oxford University Press, 2001 Evans Road, Cary NC 27513; phone for orders (919) 677-0977.

Current list of book errata

  • Page 102. In Eq. (4.51a), "U_{ab}" should read "U_{ba}".
  • Page 123. In Eq. (4.119c), inside the square bracket "|V_{\beta}|^2 x^2" should read "|V_{\beta}|^2 x^4".(Thanks to Dr. Jeffrey Hersh for spotting this.)
  • Page 275. The following line was omitted at the top of the page: "The operators a_{\lambda}^{\dagger},a_{\lambda} are formally real with respect to the"...(Thanks to Dr. Horace Crater for spotting this.)
  • Page 393. In note 14, an incomplete notation was used for the generator expansions; one should have "U_b=e^{\sum_B \theta_B^b \tilde G_B" and with corresponding modifications throughout the entire footnote; the final result of Eq. (12.73b) is not affected. A corrected discussion is given in paper 2. below.
  • Page 498. In Eq. (14.1), "C" should be on the same line as "(1,I)".
  • Page 539, In Eqs. (A.15a) through (A.16), a factor of \epsilon_A was inadvertently omitted, which takes the value 1 for A=0 and -1 for A=1,2,3. This has no effect on the conclusions. A corrected discussion is given in paper 1. below.
  • Page 553. On the next to last line, B145 should read B415 , and on the last line, 332B should read B332 .
  • Page 570, column 1, line 6 from bottom, "multiparticle case, 234-37" should be aligned with "passive" rather than being indented.
  • Page 574, Harmonic oscillator should have a subcategory with a cross reference reading "forced, see Forced harmonic oscillator".
  • Page 585, column 1, lines 14 and 15 should be indented so that they are subcategories of line 13, "notation T in ....".

More recent publications on quaternionic quantum mechanics are discussed in Chapter 9 of the Commentaries for my Selected Papers; see my home page for a link.

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