Stephen L. Adler

Emergent quantum theory

Book ordering information

My book on ``Quantum Theory as an Emergent Phenomenon'' was published by Cambridge University Press in 2004. It can be ordered from Cambridge University Press, 100 Brook Hill Drive, West Nyack, NY 10994-2133; phone 845-353-7500/800-872-7423

Current list of book addenda and errata

  • After the book went to press, I learned from Pierre Hohenberg of a review by Tony Leggett that is relevant to the discussion of Chapter 6: "Testing the limits of quantum mechanics: motivation, state of play, prospect", A. J. Leggett, J. Phys.: Conden. Matter 14, R415 (2002).
  • On pages 164 and 165, in the second lines of Eqs. (6.10b) and (6.10d), a factor of dt was omitted. This factor does appear in the first lines of the two equations. In the sentence immediately following Eq. (6.10d), ``spatially correlated'' should read ``spatially localized''.
  • On page 188, line 6 from bottom, ``reduction time'' should read ``reduction rate''.
  • An improved treatment of the anti-self-adjoint operator contribution to the fluctuation terms in the trace dynamics Ward identity is given in my paper arXiv:hep-th/0510120, published as J. Phys. A: Math. Gen. 39 (2006) 1397-1403. This paper clarifies the origin of the apparent inconsistency between two forms of this identity discussed in Eqs. (6.7a-d) on pages 161 and 162.
  • On page 180, line 8 after Eq. (6.26), ``If M were significantly larger'' should read ``If M were significantly smaller''.
  • On page 170, in Eq. (6.15b), there should be a second ] before dW_t^R.
  • On page 167, the last line in Eq. (6.13c) should have an expectation E[ ] surrounding the double commutator.

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