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Ambassador Program


Thanks to a generous grant from Lisa Simonyi, the IAS Women+ and Mathematics Program will fund annually up to three (3) postdoctoral or advanced graduate ambassadors and up to six (6) graduate ambassadors to build support and outreach networks across the country.

Postdoctoral/Advanced Graduate Ambassadorship

Each postdoctoral or advanced graduate ambassador will receive a 1,000 US Dollars award to organize a weekend conference, and a grant of up to 2,000 US Dollars to cover conference costs such as honorarium and travel expenses for the invited speaker(s) and lunch and/or refreshments for conference participants. The 1,000 US Dollars award can be shared by as many as four (4) organizers. The conference grant (2,000 US Dollars maximum) will be disbursed to the lead organizer's home institution to reimburse conference costs. It is expected that the lead organizer's home institution will provide matching funds and administrative support.

Graduate Ambassadorship

Each graduate ambassador will receive a 500 US Dollars award to build a support structure for undergraduate math majors at their university. Graduate Ambassadors can apply for additional funds from a 3,000 US Dollars pool to organize outreach activities in their local communities.

Eligibility & Requirements

W+AM Ambassador selection criteria include previous participation in the Women+ and Mathematics summer program, mathematical expertise, and enthusiasm. Each lead conference organizer and graduate ambassador should have a faculty sponsor at their home institution. W+AM Ambassadors must also fulfill these requirements:

  1. Submit a summary report within 30 days of the completion of the proposed activity.
  2. Acknowledge IAS Women+ and Mathematics and Lisa Simonyi in activity announcements (print and online) and in any publication that results from the activity.
  3. Participation (may be virtual) in the W+AM annual meeting the following May to present/share best practices and new outreach ideas, and to help train new W+AM Ambassadors.

How to Apply

To apply for a 2025 W+AM Ambassadorship, please submit the following information in a pdf file to by July 31, 2024:

  1. A current CV of the lead applicant (and co-organizers if applicable);
  2. A detailed plan of the proposed activity (in-person or hybrid and must be completed 30 days prior to the May program), including dates and time frame;
  3. A detailed budget of the proposed activity;
  4. A reference letter from a faculty member at the lead applicant’s home institution and their consent to be an advisor of the proposed activity;
  5. Written consent from the home institution to accept conference or activity grants from IAS and to administer reimbursement of conference or activity expenses from the grant;
  6. Information on additional funding you will receive or apply for to support the proposed activity (e.g., a copy of the application or request for matching funds submitted to your department, university graduate council, AWM, faculty NSF grant, etc.).


Applicants will be notified of their award status on or before August 31, 2024.


More Information

You may find the following sample conference plan and proposal a useful guide:

Planning document sample:

Proposal sample:


For suggestions and guidance on community outreach activities, please see:

2016 Yearbook: