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The Women+ and Mathematics Program (W+AM) at the Institute for Advanced Study has been an annual program since 1994 with the mission to recruit and retain more women in mathematics. W+AM aims to counter the imbalance of those entering mathematics training as well as the higher attrition rate of female and underrepresented groups of mathematicians at every critical transition stage in mathematical careers. W+AM encourages mathematicians to form collaborative research relationships and to become active in a vertical mentoring network spanning a continuum from undergraduates to emeriti professors, which provides support and reduces the sense of isolation experienced by many underrepresented groups in mathematics. While there are a number of programs targeted solely at undergraduates, or graduate students, or postdocs, very few programs provide the depth and breadth that come from simultaneously including features tailored for undergraduate students, graduate students, and researchers from a broad spectrum of US institutions, all in one united community of scholars, as W+AM does.

The IAS School of Mathematics is committed to developing and fostering a successful living and learning environment for our diverse mathematical community, in which all are valued. We recognize that diversity includes a range of gender identities and expressions. W+AM is open to all that support its mission. All, regardless of gender, are welcome to apply, and women are especially encouraged to apply.