How do I setup a home page in the School of Mathematics?

To setup a home page you will need to create a directory called public_html in your home directory. In this directory, you will need to create a file either called index.html, index.php or index.cgi.

Creating a public_html directory

Open the terminal and use the commands below:

mkdir public_html

Creating a test file

cd public_html
echo "Stuck in the Middle" > index.html 

Changing permissions

The permissions on your home directory and on the public_html directory must be such that the web server (Apache) has permission to access the files.

For the example below, assume our username is ezeno and our home directory is /home/paradox/ezeno. To set the permissions correctly:

chmod 701 /home/paradox/ezeno public_html
chmod 604 public_html/index.html 

This fictitious webpage would be available at the URL:


Edit your home page

Now that you have created index.html, you will want to edit it.
To edit the page using a GUI application, use Kompozer or Seamonkey Composer. It is located under Internet in your menu. You can also type



seamonkey --edit

on a command line.

If you are comfortable editing the files by hand, use your favorite text editor to edit index.html.

Browse to the file ~/public_html/index.html

For more information on HTML, please consult

What if I only want to redirect my School of Mathematics home page to an existing page that I have?

1. If you have not created your public_html directory, follow the steps above.

2. Create a file called index.html

3. Edit it with the following:

Your browser will automatically redirect you to my page: 
<A href=""></a>

Substitute with your existing page's URL.

4. Save the file. Your page should automatically redirect to your new page.

Note:  If you would like a link to your School of Math home page added to the School's "Member" page, please do the following:

  1. Log into
  2. Click on the blue "Update Information" in the "Community of Scholars" section of the page.
  3. Add the link to your School of Math home page to the box underneath "Your home page URL".  The link should be where username is your assigned IAS username.
  4. Scroll down and click on the blue Update button.