How do I install Dropbox on my machine?

Note: Please also see FAQ

You can access dropbox from the Applications->Internet menu or by typing dropbox from a command prompt. The first time you run it, you should do dropbox install -i and configure the account.


  • My files aren't sycing
    1. Try rebooting your machine
    2. Have you logged into your account on the Dropbox website to see if your files have synced there? Or if they have synced on your other machine(s)?
    3. Try right-clicking on the Dropbox icon in your toolbar. Then select Preferences. Make sure Enable LAN sync is checked off
    4. Dropbox help pages:
  • I am getting the message "Your Dropbox folder is on a file system that is unsupported"
    1. Click on Move
    2. Navigate to /scratch/<username>, where is your username.
    3. Your files should now sync to/from Dropbox.
  • See for more information: