How do I enable synctex?

In order to use synctex, you need to load the module for texlive 2012. Our workstation build uses TL2007 by default.

In order to utilize it, type the following on a command line (or your login script):

module load texlive

If you type module list, you should see the following output:

Currently Loaded Modulefiles:
 1) texlive/2012

In order to configure synctex in Kile and Ocular, follow the instructions on this page:

In order to configure synctex to work in TeXWorks:

  • Go to Edit->Preferences->Typesetting.
  • Click on /usr/ias/texlive/2012/bin/x86_64-linux and click on the green arrow, so that it is first on the list.
  • If this path doesn't up, then you did not run "module load texlive"
  • Open a TeX file.
    If you did not run synctex on the file yet, click on the green arrow, so that it will create the .synctex.gz file.
  • Then if you do Ctrl-Click on the source or output file, it will navigate to the corresponding place on the window.