TeX help

Text Editor

Create your tex file using a text editor (vi, emacs, gedit). 

Then you use the latex command to tex the file.

latex file.tex

Use xdvi to view the file.

xdvi file.dvi

To print the dvi:

dvips -Pf4 file.dvi

To convert the dvi to postscript:

dvips file.dvi -o file.ps

To convert the postscript file to pdf:

ps2pdf file.ps

To view the pdf:

acroread file.pdf


Graphical Editors

- Texmaker - Texworks - LyX - Kile Kile allows you do do all the above steps and more in one program. Use File->New to create a new TeX document. When you are done, click on the 'LaTeX' symbol to Tex the file. On the bottom of the screen, the 'Log and Messages' screen will tell you the name of the dvi that it created. You can either use the 'View Dvi' feature to view the dvi or click on the 'Konsole' tab on the bottom of the screen and type: xdvi file.dvi To get from the 'View DVI' back to the main screen, click on View->Editor View To convert the dvi to PS, click on DVItoPS button. To View, click on ViewPS. To convert the PS to PDF, click on PStoPDF