How do I get Inverse Search and Forward Search working in Kile?

  • Set up Kile to tell LaTeX to add source info, i.e., set LaTeX build tools from Default to Modern:

    Settings -> Configure kile -> Build -> LaTeX -> "Modern" in the dropdown menu
    Click ForwardDVI in the list
    Select Embedded Viewer configuration
    Click OK
    Click LaTeX in the build toolbar menu
    Click ForwardDVI in the view toolbar menu. This will open up an Okular window.
    Open Settings->Configure Viewer
    Click Editor
    Select Kile as the editor
    Click OK
  • Setup inverse search from Okular:
    Settings -> Configure Okular .. -> Editor -> Editor dropdown: "custom text editor"
    command: kile %f --line %l (or select Kile as the editor)

    If everything is set up properly, you can click into Okular's window with the left mouse button while pressing Shift.

  • Setup inverse search from KDVI
    Settings -> Configure kdvi -> DVI Specials
    Select "Kile" as the editor 

    You should then be able to inverse search by clicking the middle mouse button within kdvi.

  • Setup inverse search with XDVI
    Settings -> Configure Kile -> Tools -> Build and select ViewDVI

    Define a new view configuration (xdvi for example), if you don't already have one for xdvi. on the General tab fill in the following values:

    Command: xdvi
    Options: -editor 'kile %f --line %l' '%target'
    the fields on the other tabs should be selfexplanatory.

    You will have to include "usepackage{srcltx}" in your .tex file when using Inverse/Forward Search with xdvi. Use Ctrl + Left Mouse Button to jump in your latex code from xdvi

  • ForwardDVI with xdvi
    I haven't tested this out yet.

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