Equipment loans

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our equipment loans have been depleted. Please send your specific needs to us at

The School of Math Help Desk offers the following items for temporary use by the School's Faculty, Members and Staff:

  • Google Chromebook
  • Linux, Mac and Windows laptops
  • Miscellaneous display adapters and cables
  • Monitors
  • Network cables
  • Presentation remote
  • Small, lightweight Epson Projector

Laptop loans are subjected to the following guidelines:

  • Faculty and Staff may check out a laptop for a maximum of fourteen days. Members may check out a laptop for a maximum of two days.

  • If the laptop is being used as a temporary replacement for an IAS computer which is being repaired, it may be checked out until the computer is repaired.

  • Laptops must be returned on the specified date to maintain availability to other loanees.

  • All personal data on the laptop will be destroyed upon return to School of Math Help Desk. The School of Math Help Desk is not responsible for loss of personal data stored on the laptop. Users using a loaned laptop should save all files and documents on a USB thumbdrive, cloud storage, or your IAS network storage space.

  • Please provide advance notice for long-term loan of equipment to be used by interns and temporary staff.