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New Acquisitions - September 2021

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QA176 .B45 2020

Bekka, M. Bachir. Unitary representations of groups, duals, and characters. [2020].

QA246 .B743 2021

Broughan, Kevin. Bounded gaps between primes : the epic breakthroughs of the early twenty-first century. 2021.

QA274.4 .B68 2017

Bovier, Anton. Gaussian processes on trees : from spin glasses to branching Brownian motion. 2017.

QA564 .C6545 2021

Colliot-Thélène, Jean-Louis. The Brauer-Grothendieck group. [2021]. Gift of the Beckman Fund.

QA612.7 .H55 2021

Hill, Michael A. Equivariant stable homotopy theory and the Kervaire invariant problem. 2021.

QA613.62 .R678 2021

Rovenskii, Vladimir Y. Extrinsic geometry of foliations. [2021].


Beuzart-Plessis, Raphaël. A local trace formula for the Gan-Gross-Prasad conjecture for unitary groups :  the Archimedean case. [2020]. (Asterisque, v. 418) PERIOD. v. 418


QC3 .B374 2021

Bartnik, Robert A. Selected works of Robert A. Bartnik edited by Piotr T. Chruściel, James A. Isenberg, Shing-Tung Yau. [2021].

QC174.17.P7 C684 2020

Cottam, Michael G. Many-body theory of condensed matter systems : an introductory course. 2020.

QC174.45 B83 2021

Buchbinder, I. L. Introduction to quantum field theory with applications to quantum gravity. 2021.

QC174.45 T36 2021

Tanasa, Adrian. Combinatorial physics:  combinatorics, quantum field theory, and quantum gravity models. 2021.

New Acquisitions - April 2021


QA3 .C24 2020

Calabi, Eugenio. Collected works. [2020].

QA247 .I92 2017

Iwasawa 2017 Conference (2017 : Tokyo) Development of Iwasawa theory :  the centennial of K. Iwasawa's birth / edited by Masato Kurihara (Keio University, Chief Editor), Kenichi Bannai (Keio University), Tadashi Ochiai (Osaka University), Takeshi Tsuji (University of Tokyo). [2020].

QA274.4 .R37 2006

Rasmussen, Carl Edward. Gaussian processes for machine learning. [2006].

QA403 .H215 2020

Harmonic analysis and applications / Carlos E. Kenig, Fang Hua Lin, Svitlana Mayboroda, Tatiana Toro, editors. [2020].

QA564 .A543 2020

Andreatta, Fabrizio. An excursion into p-adic Hodge theory : from foundations to recent trends. [2020].

QA612 .C5297 2016

Conference on Alpine Algebraic and Applied Topology. An alpine bouquet of algebraic topology : Alpine Algebraic and Applied Topology Conference, August 15-21, 2016, Saas-Almagell, Switzerland. Christian Ausoni et al, editors.

QA612.33 .K385 2018

K-theory in algebra, analysis and topology : ICM 2018 Satellite school and workshop k-theory conference, Argentina, 2018, July 16-20 and July 23-27, 2018, La Plata and Buenos Aires, Argentina / Guillermo Cortiñas, Charles A. Weibel, editors. [2020].

QA644 .D543 2010

Dierkes, Ulrich. Regularity of minimal surfaces. [2010].


Adams, Jeffrey. Unitary representations of real reductive groups. [2020]. (Asterisque, v. 417) PERIOD. v. 417


QB362.M3 H36 2016

Hamers, Adrian. Hierarchical systems. [2016]. Gift of the author.

QB843.B55 K53 2020

Klainerman, Sergiu. Global nonlinear stability of Schwarzschild spacetime under polarized perturbations. [2020]. Gift of the Beckman Fund.

QB981 . D63 2021

Dodelson, Scott. Modern cosmology. Second edition. [2021].


QC173.6 .B38 2021

Baumgarte, Thomas. Numerical relativity: starting from scratch. 2021.

QC174.12 .F753 2021

Friederich, Simon. Multiverse theories: a philosophical perspective. 2021.

QC174.17.S9 H36 2020

Handbook for mirror symmetry of Calabi-Yau & Fano manifolds / editors: Lizhen Ji, Baosen Wu, Shing-Tung Yau. [2020].

QC174.17.S9 L38 2020

Lauria, Edoardo. N = 2 supergravity in D = 4, 5, 6 dimensions. [2020].

QC174.45 .F695 2021

Fradkin, Eduardo. Quantum field theory : an integrated approach. [2021].

QC174.8 .S48 2021

Sethna, James P. Statistical mechanics : entropy, order parameters, and complexity. Second edition. [2021].

New Acquisitions - March 2021


QA3 .H315 bd. 6

Hausdorff, Felix. Gesammelte Werke. Band VI. Geometrie, Raum und Zeit / herausgegeben von Moritz Epple. [2021].

QA161.P59 B78 2020

Brunault, François. Many variations of Mahler measures : a lasting symphony. 2020.

QA274.7 .B63 2021

Bobrowski, Adam. Generators of Markov chains : from a walk in the interior to a dance on the boundary. 2021.

QA331 .C4486 2020

Cheng, Raymond. Function theory and Lp spaces. [2020].

QA351 .K3413 2020

Kahn, Bruno. Zeta and L-functions of varieties and motives. [2020].

QA351 .V375 2017

Various Aspects of Multiple Zeta Functions — in honor of Professor Kohji Matsumoto's 60th birthday / Editors: Hidehiko Mishou, Takashi Nakamura, Masatoshi Suzuki, Yumiko Umegaki. [2020].

QA360 .A63 2017

Analysis and geometry on graphs and manifolds (Potsdam, 2017) /  edited by Matthias Keller, Daniel Lenz, Radoslaw K. Wojciechowski. [2020].

QA564 .B357 2020

Barlet, Daniel. Cycles analytiques complexes. II. L'espace des cycles. [2020].

QA573 .C55 2020

Ciliberto, Ciro. Classification of complex algebraic surfaces. [2020].

QA613.658 .C53 2021

Chang, Stanley S. A course on surgery theory. 2021.

QA640.77 .F85 2018

Fujiwara, Kazuhiro. Foundations of rigid geometry I. [2018].

QA641 .D55 2020

Differential geometry in the large / edited by Owen Dearricott, La Trobe University, Australia, Wilderich Tuschmann, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany, Yuri Nikolayevsky, La Trobe University, Australia, Thomas Leistner, University of Adelaide, Diarmuid Crowley, University of Melbourne. [2020]


Some aspects of the theory of dynamical systems :  a tribute to Jean-Christophe Yoccoz / Sylvain Crovisier, Raphaël Krikorian, Carlos Matheus, Samuel Senti, éditeurs. [2020]. (Asterisque, v. 415-416) PERIOD. v. 415-416


QB843.B55 B44 2021

Begelman, Mitchell C. Gravity's fatal attraction : black holes in the universe. Third edition. [2021].

QB843.B55 C57 2020

Chruściel, Piotr T. Geometry of black holes. [2020].


QC16.A53 Z3 2021

Zangwill, Andrew. A mind over matter : Philip Anderson and the physics of the very many. 2021.

QC19.2 .C586 2020

Amplitudes, Hodge theory and ramification : from periods and motives to Feynman amplitudes : 2014 Clay Institute Summer School : periods and motives : Feynman amplitudes in the 21st century, Instituto de Ciencias Matemáticas, Madrid, Spain, June 30-July 25, 2014 / K. Ebrahimi-Fard, J.I. Burgos Gil, D. Manchon, editors. [2020].

QC174.17.P7 K87 2020

Kuramoto, Yoshio. Quantum many-body physics : a perspective on strong correlations. [2020].


New Acquisitions - February 2021


QA196.5 .P68 2021

Potters, Marc. A first course in random matrix theory : for physicists, engineers and data scientists. 2021.

QA242.5 .S36 2020

Scholze, Peter. Berkeley lectures on p-adic geometry. [2020].

QA242.5 .S45 2020

Shimura varieties / edited by Thomas Haines, Michael Harris. 2020.

QA251.3 .A42 2020

Aljadeff, Eli. Rings with polynomial identities and finite dimensional representations of algebras. [2020].

QA322.4 .P36 2020

Pankov, Mark. Wigner-type theorems for Hilbert Grassmannians. [2020].

QA351 .E63 2020 v. 2

Encyclopedia of special functions: the Askey-Bateman Project. Volume 2: Multivariable special functions / edited by Tom H. Koornwinder and Jasper V. Stokman. 2021.

QA355 .E913 2020

Evgrafov, Marat A. Asymptotic estimates and entire functions. Dover reprint edition. [2020]. Gift of: Beckman Fund.

QA611 .W46 2020

What's next? : the mathematical legacy of William P. Thurston / edited by Dylan P. Thurston. 2020.

QA611.5 .F57 2019

Fisher, Todd. Hyperbolic flows. [2019].

QA612 .B85 2020

Buijis, Urtzi. Lie models in topology. [2020].

QA612 .P658 2020

Polterovich, Leonid. Topological persistence in geometry and analysis. [2020].

QA614.8 .I55 2020 v. 1-2

Integrable systems and algebraic geometry: A celebration of Emma Previato's 65th birthday / edited by Ron Donagi and Tony Shaska. [2020].

QA927 .B47 2020

Berti, Massimiliano. Quasi-periodic solutions of nonlinear wave equations in the D-dimensional torus. [2020].


QC20.7.D52 S65 2020

Smilga, A. V.  Differential geometry through supersymmetric glasses. [2020].


New Acquisitions - January 2021


QA9.63 .D69 2020

Downey, R. G. A hierarchy of Turing degrees : a transfinite hierarchy of lowness notions in the computably enumerable degrees, unifying classes, and natural definability. 2020.

QA188 .J64 2020

Johnson, Charles R. Matrix positivity. 2020.

QA242.6 .B67 2020

Bost, Jean-Benoit. Theta invariants of Euclidean lattices and infinite-dimensional Hermitian vector bundles over arithmetic curves. [2020].

QA326 .V45 2016

Vertex algebras and geometry / Thomas Creutzig, Andrew R. Linshaw, editors. [2018].

QA337 .H37 vol. 7

Handbook of Teichmüller theory. Volume 7 / Athanase Papadopoulos, editor. [2020].

QA360 .G4554 2020

Geometric analysis : in honor of Gang Tian's 60th birthday / Jingyi Chen, Peng Lu, Zhiqin Lu, Zhou Zhang, editors. [2020].

QA612.3 .T8 2020

Tu, Loring W. Introductory lectures on equivariant cohomology. 2020.

QA614.58 .F73 2017

Singularities - Kagoshima 2017 : proceedings of The 5th Franco-Japanese-Vietnamese Symposium on Singularities, Kagoshima Japan, 27 October - 3 November 2017 / editors-in-chief, Masaharu Ishikawa, Keio University, Japan, Shoji Yokura, Kagoshima University, Japan. [2020].

QA614.58 .G495 2017

Ghys, Etienne. A singular mathematical promenade. [2017].

QA614.83 .K35 2020 

Kaloshin, Vadim. Arnold diffusion for smooth systems of two and a half degrees of freedom. [2020].

QA641 .S84 v.23 (Surveys in Differential Geometry ; v. 23.)

Differential geometry, Calabi-Yau theory, and general relativity : lectures given at conferences celebrating the 70th birthday of Shing-Tung Yau at Harvard University in 2019 / editors Huai-Dong Cao, Shing-Tung Yau. [2020].

QA644 .D53 2010

Dierkes, Ulrich. Minimal surfaces. Revised and enlarged 2nd edition. [2010].

QA665 .F85 2020

Fukaya, Kenji. Kuranishi structures and virtual fundamental chains. [2020].


Milicevic, Elizabeth. Dimensions of affine Deligne-Lusztig varieties: A new approach via labeled folded alcove walks and root operators. [2019]. (Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society, no. 1260.)
PERIOD. no. 1260 

Wan, Chen. A local relative trace formula for the Ginzburg-Rallis model : the geometric side. [2019]. (Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society, no. 1263.)
PERIOD. no. 1263 


ASTRO.QA76.73.P98 M42 2018

McKinney, Wes. Python for data analysis: data wrangling with Pandas, NumPy and IPython. [October 2018].

ASTRO.QC718.5 .D9 M45 

Melrose, Donald. Quantum plasma dynamics: Unmagnetized plasmas; magnetized plasmas. (Two volume set). [2008-2013].


QC16.J28 R66 2020

Roman Jackiw : 80th birthday festschrift / editors, Antti Niemi, Terry Tomboulis, Kok Khoo Phua. [2020].

QC173.7 .B837 2021

Burgess, Cliff P. Introduction to effective field theory: thinking effectively about hierarchies of scale. 2021.

QC174.45 .S3295 2020

Schwarz, Albert. Mathematical foundations of quantum field theory. [2020].

QC179 .W36 2020

Wang, Anzhong. Interacting gravitational, electromagnetic, neutrino and other waves : in the context of Einstein's general theory of relativity. [2020]

New Acquisitions - December 2020


QA3 .D64 2020

Doeblin, Wolfgang. Oeuvres completes -- Collected works. [2020].

QA322.2 .C48 2021

Chu, Cho-Ho. Bounded symmetric domains in Banach spaces. [2021].

QA351 .E63 2020 vol. 1

Encyclopedia of special functions: the Askey-Bateman Project. Volume 1: Univariate orthogonal polynomials / edited by Mourad E. H. Ismail ; with assistance by Walter Van Assche. 2020.

QA387 .D54 2020

Digne, Francois. Representations of finite groups of Lie type. Second edition. [2020].

QA564 .Q35 2020

Quillen, Daniel Gray. Topics in cyclic theory. [2020].

QA613.2 .A53 2020

Andre, Yves. De Rham cohomology of differential modules on algebraic varieties. Second edition. [2020].

QA613.659 .W46 2020

Wendl, Chris. Lectures on contact 3-manifolds, holomorphic curves and intersection theory. 2020.

QA613.8 .H43 2020

Heckenberger, Istvan. Hopf algebras and root systems. [2020].

QA614.92 .W55 2020

Willett, Rufus. Higher index theory. 2020.

QA644 .D54 2010

Dierkes, Ulrich. Global analysis of minimal surfaces. Revised and enlarged second edition. [2010].


QB603.O74 A76 2020

Armitage, Philip J. Astrophysics of planet formation. Second edition. [2020].

QB809 .R33 2020

Radiative transfer in stellar and planetary atmospheres / edited by Lucio Crivellari, Sergio Simón-Díaz, Maria Jesús Arévalo. 2020.


QC173.6 .K73 2020

Krasnov, Kirill. Formulations of general relativity. [2020].

QC311.2 .F764 2020

Fronsdal, Christian. Adiabatic thermodynamics of fluids : from hydrodynamics to general relativity. [2020].

QC793.3.G38 C36 2020

Canarutto, Daniel. Gauge field theory in natural geometric language: a revisitation of mathematical notions of quantum physics. [2020]. Gift of the Beckman Fund.