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New Acquisitions - March-April 2024

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QA16 .W96 2021

Wynne, Jessica. Do not erase: mathematicians and their chalkboards. [2021]. Art, Math and Physics Collection.

QA377 .A555 2021

The diverse world of PDEs : algebraic and cohomological aspects: Alexandre Vinogradov Memorial Conference Diffieties, Cohomological Physics, and Other Animals, December 13-17, 2021, Independent University of Moscow and Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia / I.S. Krasil'shchik, A.B. Sossinsky, A.M. Verbovetsky, editors. [2023].

QA377 .A5552 2021

The diverse world of PDEs : geometry and mathematical physics : Alexandre Vinogradov Memorial Conference Diffieties, Cohomological Physics, and Other Animals, December 13-17, 2021, Independent University of Moscow and Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia / I.S. Krasil'shchik, A.B. Sossinsky, A.M. Verbovetsky, editors. [2023].

QA613.2 E75 2022

Erlandsson, Viveka. Mirzakhani's curve counting and geodesic currents. 2022.

QA845 .V58 2024

A vision for dynamics in the 21st century : the legacy of Anatole Katok / edited by Danijela Damjanovic, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Boris Hasselblatt, Tufts University, Andrey Gogolev, The Ohio State University, Yakov Pesin, Pennsylvania State University. 2024.

QA911 .A43 2024

Albritton, Dallas. Instability and non-uniqueness for the 2D Euler equations, after M. Vishik. 2024. Gift of the publisher.


David, Guy. Elliptic theory in domains with boundaries of mixed dimension. [2023]. (Asterisque, v. 442) PERIOD. v. 442

Mathematics going forward : collected mathematical brushstrokes / Jean-Michel Morel, Bernard Teissier, editors. [2023]. (Lecture Notes in Mathematics, v. 2313) PERIOD. v. 2313

Blomer, Valentin. The second moment theory of families of L-functions : the case of twisted Hecke L-functions . 2023. (Memoirs of the AMS, v. 1394) PERIOD. v. 1394


QC20.6 .B46 2024

Benioff, Paul. Local mathematics for local physics : from number scaling to gauge theory and cosmology. [2024]. Gift of the Beckman Fund.

QC173.457.C64 .F74 2023

Fredrickson, Glenn Harold. Field-theoretic simulations in soft matter and quantum fluids. 2023.

QC174.12 .D4546 2023

Deshmukh, P. C. Quantum mechanics : formalism, methodologies, and applications. 2023.

QC174.45 .T35 2022

Talagrand, Michel. What is a quantum field theory? : a first introduction for mathematicians. 2022. Gift of the Beckman Fund.


PS3620.H7676 W37 2023

Thorne, Kip S. The warped side of our universe : an odyssey through black holes, wormholes, time travel, and gravitational waves. [2023]. Art, Math and Physics Collection.


New Acquisitions - January-February 2024


QA1 .C87 2021

Current developments in mathematics: 2021 / sponsored by Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 2023.

QA1 .E93 2021

European Congress of Mathematics : Portorož, 20-26 June 2021 / edited by Ademir Hujdurović, Klavdija Kutnar, Dragan Marušič, Štefko Miklavič, Tomaž Pisanski, Primož Šparl. [2023].

QA8.4 .M85 2023

Mumford, David. Numbers and the world: essays on math and beyond. [2023].

QA155.5 .M63 2023

Modern trends in algebra and representation theory / edited by David Jordan, University of Edinburgh, Nadia Mazza, Lancaster University, Sibylle Schroll, University of Cologne. [2023].

QA164.8 .S73 v. 2

Stanley, Richard P. Enumerative combinatorics. Volume Two. Second edition. 2024. Gift of the Beckman Fund.

QA166 .Z54 2023

Zhao, Yufei. Graph theory and additive combinatorics : exploring structure and randomness. 2023.

QA169 .P643 2022

Polishchuk, Alexander. A∞-structures and moduli spaces. [2022].

QA171 .P5413 2023

Platonov, Vladimir. Algebraic groups and number theory. Second edition. Volume 1. 2023. Gift of the Beckman Fund.

QA174.2 .R68 2023

Rousseau, Guy. Euclidean buildings : geometry and group actions. [2023].

QA247 .O3213 2023

Ochiai, Tadashi, Iwasawa theory and its perspective. Volume 1. 2023.

QA326 .A44 2024

Algebraic combinatorics and the Monster group / edited by Alexander A. Ivanov. [2024]. Gift of the Beckman Fund.

QA329 .C347 2023

Carey, Alan L. The limiting absorption principle for massless Dirac operators, properties of spectral shift functions, and an application to the Witten index of non-Fredholm operators. [2023]

QA337 .T453 2022

Teichmüller theory and dynamics / Pierre Dehornoy & Erwan Lanneau (eds). [2022].

QA353.A9 B467 2023

Bergeron, Nicolas. Cocycles de groupe pour GLn et arrangements d'hyperplans. [2023].

QA564 .A668 2023

Araujo, Carolina. The Calabi problem for Fano threefolds. [2023].

QA564 .K386 2024

Kawakita, Masayuki. Complex algebraic threefolds. 2024.

QA564 .S733 2022

Stacks project expository collection (SPEC) / edited by Pieter Belmans, Wei Ho, Aise Johan de Jong. 2022.

QA612.36 .B57 2023

Bismut, Jean-Michel. Coherent sheaves, superconnections, and Riemann-Roch-Grothendieck. [2023].

QA640 .N48 2023

Netzer, Tim. Geometry of linear matrix inequalities. [2023].


Guillermou, Stephane. Sheaves and symplectic geometry of cotangent bundles. [2023]. (Asterisque, v. 440) PERIOD. v. 440

Calvert, Jacob. Brownian structure in the KPZ fixed point. [2023]. (Asterisque, v. 440) PERIOD. v. 441

Krantz, Steven G. The E. M. Stein lectures on Hardy spaces. [2023]. (Lecture Notes in Mathematics, v. 2326) PERIOD. v. 2326

Esnault, Helene. Local systems in algebraic-arithmetic geometry. [2023]. (Lecture Notes in Mathematics, v. 2337) PERIOD. v. 2337

Fonseca, Tiago J. Higher Ramanujan equations and periods of Abelian varieties. 2023. (Memoirs of the AMS, v. 1391) PERIOD. v. 1391


QC20 .W555 2023

Williams, Floyd L. Some musings on Theta, Eta, and Zeta: from E8 to Cold Plasma to an inhomogeneous universe. [2023].

QC20.7 .L54 D68 2024

Dotsenko, Vladimir. Maurer-Cartan methods in deformation theory: the twisting procedure. [2024].

QC173.98 .D859 v. 2

Duncan, Anthony. Constructing quantum mechanics: Volume 2. The Arch 1923-1927. 2023.

QC174.12 .B36 2024

Barenghi, Carlos F. Quantum turbulence. 2024. Gift of the Beckman Fund.

QC174.17.D37 S56 2023

Simon, Steven H. Topological quantum. 2023. Gift of the Beckman Fund.

QC174.35.S2 H36 2022

Hannesdottir, Hofie. What is the ie for the S-matrix? [2022].

QC631 .M35 2023

Maggiore, Michele. A modern introduction to classical electrodynamics. 2023.

QC794.6.S85 C43 2023

Cecotti, Sergio. Introduction to string theory. [2023].


New Acquisitions - November-December 2023

QA76.889 .M35 2023

Manenti, Riccardo. Quantum information science. 2023. Gift of the Beckman Fund.

QA377 .A97 2023

Auscher, Pascal. Boundary value problems and hardy spaces for elliptic systems with block structure. [2023].  Gift of the Beckman Book Fund.

QA387 .C656 2023

Computational aspects of discrete subgroups of lie groups : Virtual Conference, Computational Aspects of Discrete Subgroups of Lie Groups, June 14-18, 2021, Institute for Computational and Experimental Research in Mathematics (ICERM), Providence, Rhode Island / Alla Detinko, Michael Kapovich, Alex Kontorovich, Peter Sarnak, Richard Schwartz, editors. 

QA404.7 .C563 2023

Cirant, Marco. Comparison principles for general potential theories and PDEs. [2023]. Gift of the publisher.

QA649 .R57 2023

Ritoré, Manuel. Isoperimetric inequalities in Riemannian manifolds. [2023]. Gift of the Beckman Book Fund.

QA670 .C463 2023

Chow, Bennett. Ricci solitons in low dimensions. 2023. Gift of the Beckman Book Fund.

QA911 .G785 2023

Guo, Boling. Quantum hydrodynamic equation and its mathematical theory. [2023]. Gift of the Usdan Book Fund.


Diamond, Fred. A mod p Jacquet-Langlands relation and Serre filtration via the geometry of Hilbert modular varieties : splicing and dicing. 2023. (Asterisque, v. 439) PERIOD. v. 439


QC175.2 .M34 2023

Maggi, Francesco. Optimal mass transport on Euclidean spaces. 2023. Gift of the Beckman Book Fund.

QC178 .M55 2023

Miković, Aleksandar. State-sum models of piecewise linear quantum gravity. [2023]. Gift of the Usdan Book Fund.

QC794.6.S75 G76 2023

Grossman, Yuval. The standard model : from fundamental symmetries to experimental tests. 2023.