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New Acquisitions - May-June 2024

Last updated: 06/03/24

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QA251.3 N35 2023

Nakanishi, Tomoki. Cluster algebras and scattering diagrams. [2023]. Gift of The Beckman Fund.

QA274.9 .B37 2023

Bárány, Balázs. Self-similar and self-affine sets and measures. [2023].

QA329 .D63 2023

Dodds, Peter G. Noncommutative integration and operator theory. [2023].

QA331 .D695 2024

Dovbush, Peter. Normal families and normal functions. 2024.

QA351 .K66 2023

Komori, Yasushi. The theory of zeta-functions of root systems. [2023].

QA377 .L3876 2024

Lê, Nam Q. Analysis of Monge-Ampère equations. 2024.

QA609 .M35 2023

Malchiodi, Andrea. Prescribing scalar curvature in conformal geometry. [2023].

QA641 .S84 v.26

Chern, a great geometer of the 20th century / editors, Shiu-Yuen Cheng, Shing-Tung Yau. 2024. (Surveys in Differential Geometry 2021)


QC166 .W75 2024

Wright, Aaron S. More than nothing : a history of the vacuum in theoretical physics, 1925-1980. 2024. Gift of the Beckman Fund.

QC174.13 .P43 2024

Pearle, Philip. Introduction to dynamical wave function collapse. 2024.

QC174.17.G46 S74 2024

Steinacker, Harold. Quantum geometry, matrix theory, and gravity. 2024. Gift of the Beckman Fund.

QC174.17.P7 S64 2024

Spohn, Herbert. Hydrodynamic scales of integrable many-body systems. [2024]. Gift of the Beckman Fund.