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New Acquisitions - September 2022

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Last updated: 09/23/22


ASTRO. Q175 .P372 2022

Peebles, P.J.E. The whole truth : a cosmologist's reflections on the search for objective reality. [2022].


QA161.P59 F38 2022

Favre, Charles. The arithmetic of polynomial dynamical pairs. 2022.

QA247.5 .H83 2022

Huber, Annette. Transcendence and linear relations of 1-periods. 2022.

QA251.3 .B83 2021

Buchweitz, Ragnar-Olaf. Maximal Cohen-Macaulay modules and Tate cohomology. 2021.

QA274.4 .W475 2021

Werner, Wendelin. Lecture notes on the Gaussian free field. 2021.

QA377 .T68 2022

Treves, Francois. Analytic partial differential equations. 2022.

QA641 .G5425 2020

Gigli, Nicola. Lectures on nonsmooth differential geometry. [2020]. Gift of the Beckman Fund.


Duplantier, Bertrand. Liouville quantum gravity as a mating of trees. 2021. (Asterisque, v. 427) PERIOD. v. 427

David, Guy R. Elliptic theory for sets with higher co-dimensional boundaries. 2021. (Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society, no. 1346. PERIOD. no. 1346


QC174.26.W28 K46 2022

Kenkre, V.M. (Vasudev M.) Interplay of quantum mechanics and nonlinearity : understanding small-system dynamics of the discrete nonlinear Schrödinger equation. 2022.

QC174.86.N65 G37 2022

Gaspard, Pierre. The statistical mechanics of irreversible phenomena. 2022.

QC611.95 .T78 2022

Trugenberger, Carlo A. Superinsulators, bose metals and high-Tc superconductors : the quantum physics of emergent magnetic monopoles. [2022].