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New Acquisitions - January - February 2023

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Last updated: 02/24/23


QA3 .K825 v. 2-5

Kostant, Bertram. Collected Papers. v. 2. 1967-1977 -- v. 3. 1978-1990 -- v. 4. 1991-2000 -- v. 5. 2001-2015. [2023]. v. 2 Gift of the Beckman Fund.

QA174.2 .K35 2023

Kaletha, Tasho. Bruhat-Tits theory : a new approach. 2023. Gift of the Beckman Fund.

QA300.5 .A535 2023

Analysis at large : dedicated to the life and work of Jean Bourgain / edited by Artur Avila, Michael Th. Rassias, Yakov Sinai. [2022].

QA378.5 .P38 2023

Paternain, Gabriel P. Geometric inverse problems : with emphasis on two dimensions. 2023. Gift of the Beckman Fund.

QA379 .M3825 2022

Marín, Juan José. Singular integral operators, quantitative flatness, and boundary problems. [2022.] Gift of the Beckman Fund.

QA564 .C543 2022

Claudon, Benoit. Hyperbolicity Properties of Algebraic Varieties. 2022.

QA564 .E454 2023

Emerton, Matthew. Moduli Stacks of Étale (ϕ, Γ)-Modules and the Existence of Crystalline Lifts. 2023.

QA564 .F33 2022

Facets of algebraic geometry : a collection in honor of William Fulton's 80th birthday / edited by Paolo Aluffi, David Anderson, Milena Hering, Mircea Mustaţă, Sam Payne. 2022.

QA564 .R479 2022

Representation Theory and Algebraic Geometry: A Conference Celebrating the Birthdays of Sasha Beilinson and Victor Ginzburg / edited by Vladimir Baranovsky, Nicolas Guay, Travis Schedler. 2022.

QA640.77 .W45 2023

Weinberger, Shmuel. Variations on a theme of Borel : an essay on the role of the fundamental group in rigidity. 2023. Gift of the Beckman Fund.

QA911 .B43 2022

Bedrossian, Jacob. The mathematical analysis of the incompressible Euler and Navier-Stokes equations : an introduction. [2022]. Gift of the Beckman Fund.

QA913 .G35 2023

Galtier, Sébastien. Physics of wave turbulence. 2023.


Bertolini, Massimo. Heegner points, Stark-Heegner points, and diagonal classes. 2022. (Asterisque, v. 434) PERIOD. v. 434

Voight, John. The canonical ring of a stacky curve. 2022. (Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society, no. 1362) PERIOD no. 1362


QB351 .T74 2023

Tremaine, Scott. Dynamics of planetary systems. 2023. Gift of the Author.


QC20.5 .P596 2022

The physics and mathematics of Elliott Lieb : the 90th anniversary / edited by Rupert L. Frank, Ari Laptev, Mathieu Lewin, Robert Seiringer. 2022.

QC173.6 .B35 2023

Bajardi, Francesco. Noether symmetries in theories of gravity : with applications to astrophysics and cosmology. 2023.

QC173.65 .T353 2023

Tallents, Greg. An introduction to special relativity for radiation and plasma physics. 2023.

QC174.17.S3 F73 2023

Frank, Rupert L. Schrödinger operators : Eigenvalues and Lieb-Thirring inequalities. 2023. Gift of the Beckman Fund.

QC174.45 .Z434 2023

Zee, Antony. Quantum field theory, as simply as possible. 2023.

QC793.3.F5 K49 2021

Kimura, Taro. Instanton counting, quantum geometry and algebra. 2021.