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New Acquisitions - January-February 2024

Last updated: 02/16/24

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QA1 .C87 2021

Current developments in mathematics: 2021 / sponsored by Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 2023.

QA1 .E93 2021

European Congress of Mathematics : Portorož, 20-26 June 2021 / edited by Ademir Hujdurović, Klavdija Kutnar, Dragan Marušič, Štefko Miklavič, Tomaž Pisanski, Primož Šparl. [2023].

QA8.4 .M85 2023

Mumford, David. Numbers and the world: essays on math and beyond. [2023].

QA155.5 .M63 2023

Modern trends in algebra and representation theory / edited by David Jordan, University of Edinburgh, Nadia Mazza, Lancaster University, Sibylle Schroll, University of Cologne. [2023].

QA164.8 .S73 v. 2

Stanley, Richard P. Enumerative combinatorics. Volume Two. Second edition. 2024. Gift of the Beckman Fund.

QA166 .Z54 2023

Zhao, Yufei. Graph theory and additive combinatorics : exploring structure and randomness. 2023.

QA169 .P643 2022

Polishchuk, Alexander. A∞-structures and moduli spaces. [2022].

QA171 .P5413 2023

Platonov, Vladimir. Algebraic groups and number theory. Second edition. Volume 1. 2023. Gift of the Beckman Fund.

QA174.2 .R68 2023

Rousseau, Guy. Euclidean buildings : geometry and group actions. [2023].

QA326 .A44 2024

Algebraic combinatorics and the Monster group / edited by Alexander A. Ivanov. [2024]. Gift of the Beckman Fund.

QA329 .C347 2023

Carey, Alan L. The limiting absorption principle for massless Dirac operators, properties of spectral shift functions, and an application to the Witten index of non-Fredholm operators. [2023]

QA337 .T453 2022

Teichmüller theory and dynamics / Pierre Dehornoy & Erwan Lanneau (eds). [2022].

QA353.A9 B467 2023

Bergeron, Nicolas. Cocycles de groupe pour GLn et arrangements d'hyperplans. [2023].

QA564 .K386 2024

Kawakita, Masayuki. Complex algebraic threefolds. 2024.

QA564 .S733 2022

Stacks project expository collection (SPEC) / edited by Pieter Belmans, Wei Ho, Aise Johan de Jong. 2022.

QA612.36 .B57 2023

Bismut, Jean-Michel. Coherent sheaves, superconnections, and Riemann-Roch-Grothendieck. [2023].

QA640 .N48 2023

Netzer, Tim. Geometry of linear matrix inequalities. [2023].


Krantz, Steven G. The E. M. Stein lectures on Hardy spaces. [2023]. (Lecture Notes in Mathematics, v. 2326) PERIOD. v. 2326

Fonseca, Tiago J. Higher Ramanujan equations and periods of Abelian varieties. 2023. (Memoirs of the AMS, v. 1391) PERIOD. v. 1391


QC20 .W555 2023

Williams, Floyd L. Some musings on Theta, Eta, and Zeta: from E8 to Cold Plasma to an inhomogeneous universe. [2023].

QC20.7 .L54 D68 2024

Dotsenko, Vladimir. Maurer-Cartan methods in deformation theory: the twisting procedure. [2024].

QC173.98 .D859 v. 2

Duncan, Anthony. Constructing quantum mechanics: Volume 2. The Arch 1923-1927. 2023.

QC174.12 .B36 2024

Barenghi, Carlos F. Quantum turbulence. 2024. Gift of the Beckman Fund.

QC174.35.S2 H36 2022

Hannesdottir, Hofie. What is the ie for the S-matrix? [2022].

QC794.6.S85 C43 2023

Cecotti, Sergio. Introduction to string theory. [2023].