Mathematics-Natural Sciences Library: Newest Acquisitions

New Acquisitions - September-October 2023

Last updated: 09/19/23

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QA9.56 .H36 2023

Handbook of constructive mathematics / edited by Douglas Bridges, University of Canterbury, Hajime Ishihara, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Michael Rathjen, University of Leeds, Helmut Schwichtenberg, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. [2023].

QA274.25 . B47 2022

Berglund, Nils. An introduction to singular stochastic PDEs : Allen-Cahn equations, metastability, and regularity structures. [2022].

QA372 .B873 2023

Buckmaster, Tristan. Intermittent convex integration for the 3D Euler equations. 2023.

QA374 .R63 2016

Robinson, James C. The three-dimensional Navier-Stokes equations : classical theory. 2016.

QA564 .K59 2023

Kollár, János. What determines an algebraic variety? 2023. Gift of the publisher.

QA573 .H89 2023

Huybrechts, Daniel. The geometry of cubic hypersurfaces. 2023.

QA665 .S94 2022

Symplectic geometry : a festschrift in honour of Claude Viterbo's 60th birthday / edited by Helmut Hofer, Alberto Abbondandolo, Urs Frauenfelder, Felix Schlenk. 2022.


QB820 .W56 2023

Winn, Joshua. The little book of exoplanets. 2023.

QB821 .T38 2023

Tauris, Thomas M. Physics of binary star evolution : from stars to X-ray binaries and gravitational wave sources. 2023.


QC174.12 .G65 2023

Golub, Robert. The historical and physical foundations of quantum mechanics. 2023.

QC174.17.Q29 C43 2023

Chapline, George. Quantum mechanics and Bayesian machines. 2023.

QC174. 17 .S9 D75 2023

Dreiner, Herbi K. From spinors to supersymmetry. [2023].

QC174.45 .B677 2023

Bonora, Loriano. Fermions and anomalies in quantum field theories. [2023].