Lecture 19: Rotation of the Milky Way


Binney and Merrifield, 9.1, 9.2

Optional reading:

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(Berlin: Springer), 295 - a very good review of the distribution and kinematics of HI in our Galaxy

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Metzger, M., et al. 1998, AJ 115, 635 - Galactic rotation from Cepheids

Malhotra, S. 1995, ApJ 448, 138 - rotation curve from HI tangent points

Fich, M., and Tremaine, S. 1991, ARAA 29, 409 - review of the mass distribution in the Galaxy, now somewhat out of date

Reid, M. J., & Brunthaler, A. 2004, Ap. J. 616, 872 - the most recent measurement of the proper motion of the Galactic center