Seminar Series - Spring 2011

Simons Center for Systems Biology
Seminar Series - Spring 2011

Bloomberg Hall 113 (except where noted)
Institute for Advanced Study

January 7
4:00 pm
Marco Seandel
Weill Cornell Medical College
Probing pluripotency using GPR125-expressing spermatogonial stem
and progenitor cells
January 21
4:00 pm
Sahand Hormoz
Harvard University
Synthetic Biology from Scratch: Designing Interactions for Equilibrium
Bloomberg Hall Physics Library
February 4
4:00 pm

David J. Waters
Purdue University
Exploring the Pet Dog Paradigm: Will Pet Dogs Become Biogerontology's
New Workhorse?

Bloomberg Hall Physics Library
February 9
4:00 pm
Mark Transtrum
Cornell University
Information Geometry, Sloppy Models, and Optimization
February 16
4:00 pm
Yonatan Savir
Weizmann Institute of Science
Play Your Cards Right: Optimality of Proteins under Constraints
June 29
3:30 pm
Lynn Enquist
Princeton University
Making Sense of a Colorful Herpesvirus