Martin Kruskal

Martin Kruskal was a friend and colleague. He and Laura were very helpful when Chiara and
I moved to Princeton. After his death, I was one of those who edited his Wikipedia page, which
can be found here:
The statements in this article about Martin's personal life are consistent with and in some cases
based on my recollections. This is so, for example, of the assertions about Martin's family, his secret
envelope, and what he used to say about the Kruskal Count. I am sure many of Martin's friends and
colleagues who knew him better than I did could elaborate on some of these matters in much more detail,
I am providing this information here because a Wikipedia editor very sensibly asked for a reference
to some statements in the Wikipedia article about Martin. I felt that the best way to answer was to
provide this information on my own website.
- Edward Witten