IDL 8.8 is available on all linux systems. SNS has a floating network license with a limited number of concurrent users, so please be sure to quit the application when you are finished using it. Also note that each time a user logs in and starts IDL, a license is checked out, but from that same login session, multiple windows can be opened and IDL started without another license being checked out.

To start IDL, use one of the following commands:

idl Start IDL in command line mode
idlde Start IDL Development Environment (GUI)

Extensive online help is available for IDL. From IDL command line mode, type a question mark. From idlde, Help button is located in top right of window. The same documentation can be accessed from the unix command line (without entering IDL application) by using the command: idlman

The IDL Astronomy User's Library is installed under /usr/local/idlastro; this is already defined in the IDL_PATH variable. Please refer to the file /usr/local/idlastro/aaareadme.txtfor more details.