Go to the top-left of your screen and click on "Activities". Then type "printers" in the "Type to search" field.

Click on printers (next to settings). Click on "Add Printer...".

Type in For example, if you want to add the s0d...
If you want to conserve paper or don't want to carry around a lot of paper, it is possible to print multiple pages on a single sheet of paper.

There are two utilities for setting multiple pages on one piece of paper. They are called mpage and psnup...
Go to the Main Menu:
-Select Setup
-Type P for Printer
-Move your cursor to Personally selected print command
-Type A for Add Printer
-It will ask you to type printer name: s0 or s0d for ground floor printer, or you can choose another printer

Find out what printer is your default:


If this does not output anything or is incorrect:

export PRINTER='printer-name'

where 'printer-name' is the printer you want to set:

a1, a1d, f2, f2d, f2suite, f2suited, f3, f3d, f4, f4d, s0...