You have two options for configuring (al)PINE to connect to your Zimbra IMAP folders.

Option 1: Edit the .pinerc file in your home directory:

  1. ssh into
  2. Use your preferred editor to open .pinerc (e.g. vi, nano, etc.).
  3. Search...
  • At the Main Menu, type S or select SETUP.
  • Type L, for collectionLists
  • Type A, for Add Cltn
  • Nickname : Type a name for your IMAP folder list Server : (where is your login name) Path : View :
  • Type...
By default, your reply-to address it the address from which you send the message.You can change this so that replies go to another address.
1.) Run pine
2.) select S for Setup
3.) select C for Configure
4.) type W for Where is
5.) type customized and...