2007 Women in Mathematics Program

Algebraic Geometry

and Group Actions

Graphic is produced using Richard Palais' 3D-XPlorMath Program

May 14, 2007 - May 25, 2007

The program is being organized by Sun-Yung Alice Chang, Princeton University; Antonella Grassi, University of Pennsylvania; Chuu-Lian Terng, University of California, Irvine; and Karen Uhlenbeck, The University of Texas at Austin.

The lecturers of the program are Amy Ksir of the United States Naval Academy and Jessica Sidman of Mount Holyoke College for the Beginning Lecture Course and Frances Kirwan of Oxford University and V. Lakshmibai of Northeastern University for the Advanced Lecture Course. Women and Mathematics is a joint program of the Institute for Advanced Study and Princeton University.

Date & Time

May 14, 2007 | 12:00am – May 25, 2007 | 12:00am